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Choose from our range of sustainable kitchen products designed with eco baking and eco cooking in mind. With products like fully recycled aluminium foil, rolling pins made from sustainably sourced wood, and home baking cake mixes packaged in glass, this collection has been curated with the environment in mind.

One of the leading eco kitchen brands, If You Care, is at the forefront of cooking and baking products that are eco-friendly. They use recycled paper and repurpose it to form recycled sandwich bags, paper baking cups and baking paper.  

By using eco baking products, you can look after the environment whilst enjoying some great sweet treats. Choose from a variety of ready made cake mixes in glass bottles from the Bottled Baking Co, to treat your friends to their very own cake baking experience without the plastic waste.

Make yours an eco kitchen to be envious of! We cannot wait to see which eco cakes and meals you make with this collection of eco cooking and baking products.