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At Life Before Plastic, it is important that we can aid you in your search for the most environmentally friendly swaps. Many of the eco-friendly makeup products in our range offer refillable options to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging from entering the waste system. We’re sure you’ll find an eco substitute for your old cosmetic brand.


What is Eco-Friendly Makeup?

Eco-friendly makeup products are beauty cosmetics that are kind to the planet through using natural ingredients and by reducing the amount of plastic packaging used. You’ll often find makeup that is more environmentally friendly is also vegan and cruelty free.

Which Makeup Brands are Eco-Friendly?

There are a growing number of eco-friendly makeup brands available on the UK market, our favourites being Love the Planet and ZAO Makeup. You can always tell how eco-friendly a makeup brand is by their reduced or plastic-free packaging and when they encourage you to refill your makeup.

How Do I Know Which Cosmetics are Vegan-Friendly?

Vegan cosmetics will always have a vegan or vegan-friendly logo on their products so you can be assured no animal products have been used. These makeup swaps tend also to be cruelty-free, another good sign of being eco-friendly.

What is Refillable Makeup?

A great alternative to single-use plastic are refillable makeup products where you refill one part of the product and reuse the rest. Refills are often used for makeup like mascara. This way you can still be eco-friendly by reusing the casing and brush rather than unsustainably throwing it away.


If you have sensitive skin, the high quality, organic raw materials found in the vegan cosmetics in this collection will be perfect for your skin. This makeup is formulated without synthetic preservatives, great for you and with the added bonus of being eco-friendly too.

This collection of eco-friendly makeup contains independent brands such as ZAO Makeup, Love the Planet and Bain & Savon - all brands at the forefront of makeup that is both eco and zero waste. Making the eco-friendly choice easy when it comes to makeup.