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Did you know that most plasters are made from plastic? Unfortunately that means that every plaster you've ever used still exists somewhere! Ditch single-use plastic and switch instead to these eco-friendly plasters. 

Single-use plastic plasters can be a thing of the past with these biodegrade plasters that you can purchase with us at Life Before Plastic. Made from organic bamboo fibres they do the job well and also don't harm the planet. These biodegradable plasters are hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin and free of irritating chemicals. The best thing about them is that they only take 6 weeks to biodegrade. 


Are plasters eco-friendly?

Plasters can be eco-friendly if these are made from biodegradable materials like bamboo and are made without any toxic chemicals. A good example of these are the eco-friendly plasters made by Patch plasters.

How long does it take for a plastic plaster to biodegrade?

Single-use plastic plasters will never completely disappear as they are made from a synethic material. Instead, they will break down into smaller particles called microplastics.

Are Patch Plasters biodegradable?

Yes, the eco-friendly plasters by Patch plasters are designed to biodegrade at the same rate as an orange peel: 6 weeks. You can even test it yourself by burying a plaster in the garden and seeing how long it takes to decompose.


These eco plasters don't compromise on suitability either. They are strong and sit tight around any wounds. Choose from biodegradable plasters for cuts and grazes, blisters and burns and one's designed specifically for kids. Cut out plastic and choose your eco-friendly plasters today.