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At Life Before Plastic, we stock a range of eco-friendly shampoo bars and liquid shampoos to suit all different hair types. With plastic-free shampoo alternatives for oily, dry or ageing hair. Whether it’s a solid shampoo bar or liquid shampoo, choose from a variety of different eco shampoos. All shampoos are plastic-free and free from parabens and sulphates, and include organic and vegan shampoo options.


What is the most eco-friendly shampoo?

The most eco-friendly shampoo bars are shampoos that come packaged plastic-free, and that are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Non-eco shampoos tend to be ones containing artificial ingredients like parabens and sulphates.

How do you know if a shampoo is environmentally friendly?

An eco-friendly shampoo is a shampoo that is paraben and sulphate free, and free from any other toxic chemicals that can find their way into our environment through waterways. The shampoos are also better for your skin, as these ingredients are absorbed into the skin. A good sign of an eco shampoo is one that comes without any plastic.

What shampoo does not have plastic?

There are a variety of plastic-free shampoos, these are often in the form of a solid shampoo bar or a liquid shampoo packaged in a glass or aluminium bottle. By choosing an eco shampoo from Funky Soap Shop, Zero Waste Path or Primal Suds, you’ll find these shampoos are all plastic-free.

Why does hair feel greasy after using a shampoo bar?

When you first switch to a shampoo bar, you will go through a transitioning period which can leave your hair feeling greasy for a couple of weeks. This process clears the built up residue from commercial shampoos as the natural oils in your hair and scalp adjust.


With millions of single-use plastic shampoo bottles already in our environment, remove plastic from your life by switching to a plastic-free shampoo. These eco shampoos will not only help the environment but by only using natural ingredients, will give you a healthy head of hair. Making the switch to a vegan, natural, plastic-free and eco-friendly shampoo has never been easier.