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Making the switch to eco-friendly washing up products is one of the simplest ways to remove single-use plastic from your daily routine. These tried and tested plastic-free washing up liquid alternatives are easy swaps for your kitchen sink. Try a dishwashing soap bar, Castile liquid soap, or our favourite Marseille soap bar. At Life Before Plastic, we even stock eco-friendly dishwasher tablets if you have a dishwasher. 

Pair your plastic-free washing up liquid of choice with an eco-friendly washing up brush, coconut scourer or plastic-free sponge. These options are much better for the environment as they are made from natural materials that decompose back into nature, rather than their plastic counterparts which sit in landfill or our oceans for thousands of years.

You only need to think of the hundreds of single-use plastic bottles of washing up liquid that we've all thrown away to help you make the switch faster. Instead, opt for an eco-washing up liquid swap made using natural ingredients that are zero waste and kinder to your skin and the environment. 

This collection of eco-friendly washing up products contains everything you need from the start of your washing up process to the finish, with organic tea towels and natural latex rubber gloves as well as washing up soaps and dish brushes. These incredible zero waste products from leading plastic-free brands will help to transform your eco-friendly washing up routine.