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Natural lipsticks have been around for centuries to accentuate lips, then made from mulberries, beeswax or even crushed insects. Today, there are cruelty-free and vegan lipstick options made with natural ingredients only. At Life Before Plastic, we source the most eco-friendly products on the market, including a selection of entirely plastic-free lipsticks. This way you can still get those rich and deep lipstick shades, without worrying about the environmental impact.


Which natural ingredients are in lipstick?

Natural lipsticks stay away from synthetic makeup, by using natural ingredients like shea butter, almond oil and jojoba oil. Each of these organic lipstick ingredients help to moisturise lips whilst providing them with colour.

Is lipstick made from plastic?

Certain commercial lipsticks are petroleum based, the same material used to fuel our cars and that plastic is made from. These lipsticks are not plastic-free, they are actually made up of hundreds of tiny microplastics which leach into our skin and into our water systems. It’s better to choose a natural and plastic-free lipstick.

Can you get organic lipstick?

It’s possible to get organic lipstick, particularly as many natural lipsticks are made from certified organic ingredients. You can be sure that these lipsticks are non toxic and free from agricultural chemicals.

Which lipsticks are not harmful?

The plastic-free lipsticks from Beauty Made Easy are not harmful for the environment or for skin as they are made from organic, vegan ingredients and packaged without any plastic.


A natural lipstick can ensure a long lasting lip colour of bold, deep or nude lipstick shades. By choosing an organic lipstick, the natural ingredients will help moisturise your lips, and by choosing the plastic-free lipstick options, you will also be caring for the natural environment. For nourished and striking lips, switch to a plastic-free, natural lipstick.