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Once you have found the right plastic-free deodorant for you, you won’t ever look back. While swapping in the first place can be daunting, many natural deodorants are better for your skin. Most commercial deodorants contain aluminium as a core ingredient which blocks your pores to stop you from sweating. However, these non-natural deodorants can lead to health implications causing itchiness, rashes, spots and sensitivity. These plastic-free deodorants are aluminium-free so you will be sweating out any toxins.

Do natural deodorants work?

Natural deodorants work well by neutralising any potential body odour. Sweating is a good thing as it allows your body to remove toxins and a natural deodorant will allow your body to sweat, without the odour.

Are deodorants plastic-free?

While commercial deodorants are often packaged in plastic or aerosols which are difficult to recycle, it’s now possible to buy lots of different types of deodorant in plastic-free packaging. Choose from a natural deodorant packaged in recyclable cardboard or tin.

What is a natural deodorant transitioning period?

When you first switch to a natural deodorant, you might go through a transitioning period where the pores under your arms cleanse themselves of the unnatural ingredients in commercial deodorants. If you do have a transitioning period, this usually lasts up to 30 days and you can speed it along by washing regularly with a soap bar.

What is the best plastic-free deodorant?

Luckily there are lots of incredible deodorants that are plastic free, with independent brands at the forefront of the movement like Kutis Skincare, Ben & Anna and The Natural Deodorant Company. We recommend trying one of their plastic-free deodorants first.

Once you’ve found the right natural deodorant for you, you will never look back. For vegans, choose a vegan-friendly deodorant made without beeswax, and select from a whole host of different scents to suit your preference. For those with sensitive skin, there are lots of baking soda-free deodorants too. With so many different types of deodorants without plastic, there is a natural deodorant for everyone.