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6 Reasons to Remove Makeup the Eco Friendly Way

Why you should make the switch to an eco friendly makeup remover

For the eco-conscious there are now some great eco friendly makeup remover alternatives to the traditional wipes, plastic bottles and cotton pads. Wearing makeup is a personal choice, and while it goes without saying that the most ethical option is not wearing makeup in the first place, that is not everyone’s preference.

For all makeup wearers, here’s a little list of why you should make the switch to removing your makeup the eco friendly way.


Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - Facial Rounds - Life Before Plastic


1. Eco friendly makeup removers are better for sensitive skin

Most zero waste makeup removers contain soothing ingredients to help with sensitive skin. Good ingredients to look out for are aloe vera and lavender that help to calm the skin on your face. In the past I’ve used the cheaper option of baby wipes (we’ve all been there), and by making the switch to a gentle remover like Micellar water, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the condition of my face the next day.


2. Cotton wool pads are environmentally harmful

A staple in almost every makeup wearers bathroom are cotton wool pads to use as a tool with removing makeup. The downsides are that they’re single-use and actually quite harmful to produce. Unless the cotton is organic, cotton production will use environmentally damaging pesticides and a staggering amount of water to produce the end product. The damage one pad causes should be worth more than just one single use.


3. Natural makeup removers hydrate skin

When removing your makeup it is easy for skin to become dehydrated. One way to combat this is by using a natural makeup remover. Natural ingredients like witch hazel extract those excess oils you’re trying to remove without drying out skin, and aloe vera adds additional moisture back in exactly when you need it the most. A 3 in 1 cleanser, toner and makeup remover is a good solution for keeping your skin clear and hydrated.


Eco Friendly Makeup Remover - 3 in 1 Cleanser - Life Before Plastic


4. Makeup wipes are single-use

One word, fatbergs. Fatbergs are found is sewers and are a combined ball of oil and waste including the number one offender: wipes. Not only do single-use makeup wipes have a part to play in sewers, but they also block toilets and eventually end up in our oceans. This is an issue as they contain un-recyclable plastic and do not biodegrade. 


5. Cotton rounds are reusable

An alternative to cotton pads and makeup wipes are reusable cotton rounds. These are made from organic cotton but most importantly can be reused multiple times. They’re machine washable but to save on water, you can give them a quick rinse between washes and they’re good to use more than once. They’re incredibly soft and much kinder to skin when coupled with a liquid makeup remover.


6. Eco friendly makeup removers are often packaged plastic free

Not only are eco makeup removers better for the ingredients they contain, but they are also often packaged plastic free. Liquid removers come in glass bottles or tins and cotton rounds usually come packaged in recyclable paper. Essentially you can be kind to the planet in more ways that one by making the switch to a plastic-free product.



Opting for an eco friendly makeup remover really is the smart idea. While you may think that the alternatives are more expensive, in fact, makeup removers are reasonably priced and cotton rounds are much cheaper than the alternative over time. It’s definitely worth considering what is best for both your skin and the environment when choosing how to remove your makeup. You’ll be surprised how many plastic-free products so both! 

And don't stop there, if you've made the move to a natural makeup remover, swap your whole beauty regime for an eco friendly makeup collection. There's no time to waste!


Are there are any reasons you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

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