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Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper: The Sustainable Brands You Need To Know

The best eco-friendly toilet paper brands that ship to the UK, including Who Gives A Crap featured here

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Brands 

Average reading time: 5 minutes | Last updated 1st April 2024


Why is it so important to use eco-friendly toilet paper? Well, did you know that traditional toilet paper is made from virgin wood pulp? That means that trees are being cut down for us to throw down the toilet!

Cutting down trees causes deforestation, loss of habitat and impacts the climate. Making a simple switch to using an eco-friendly alternative is an easy way for us to make a positive contribution rather than impacting the planet negatively.

Eco-friendly toilet paper is made from sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled paper, and even hemp, which have a much lower impact on the environment. 

But what are the alternatives? These are our favourite eco-friendly toilet paper brands that ship to the UK. 



Toilet Paper Brands:

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Price Comparisons

Frequently Asked Questions

This Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper is Carbon Negative

Bazoo eco-friendly toilet paper

Bazoo is a UK company with their toilet rolls manufactured in China. They offer both wrapped and unwrapped toilet paper, where you can choose from unbleached paper or premium chlorine-free white rolls.

  • Produced: China
  • Cost per Roll: £0.77

The highlights:

🐼 Made from 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable bamboo
🌲 Carbon negative - they offset more emissions than they produce
🦏 Wrapped with threatened species animal print - including animal facts
🌊 Donate 10% of profits to Rainforest Trust UK and JUSTONEOCEAN
📦 Zero plastic packaging
♻️ 100% recycled and recyclable materials
✅ Subscription available

⚠️ Bazoo were highlighted in the Which? report where their bamboo rolls we found to contain only 26.10% bamboo. They responded with their full FSC audits and are working with the FSC certification to rectify the problem. As they are addressing the issue, we continue to recommend their products.


Serious Tissues
This Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper is UK Made using Recycled Waste

Serious Tissues is a UK company with their toilet rolls made right here in the UK. They offer unwrapped, unbleached toilet paper, made from recycled paper from newspapers and cereal boxes sourced in the UK.

  • Produced: UK
  • Cost per Roll: £0.97

The highlights:

♻️ Made from recycled post consumer waste
⚡ Made in a 100% renewable energy UK factory
🌲 They plant trees around the world for every product purchased
🧻 They do not use any bleach or dyes with their toilet rolls
📦 Minimal, 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
✅ Subscription available

Serious Tissues were not part of the Which? report as they solely produce recycled toilet paper rolls.


Who Gives a Crap
The Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Helping to Build Toilets

Who Gives A Crap (WGAC) Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll

By purchasing Who Gives A Crap (WGAC) toilet paper, you can help to donate 50% of the profit from your purchase to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. With their headquarters in the USA, they produce their toilet roll in China, alongside tissues and recycled paper towels.

  • Produced: China
  • Cost per Roll: £0.92

The highlights:

👔 Certified B Corp for their environmental impact
🌈 Brightly colour recyclable wrappers that can be reused as wrapping paper
📦 Free shipping on most orders
🚽 50% of profits are donated to build toilets 
🧻 Premium 100% bamboo toilet roll or recycled paper options
Plastic free products but still have plastic tape on their boxes - they hope to roll out paper tape soon
🛒 They also sell tissues and recycled paper towels
✅ Subscription available 

Who Gives A Crap bamboo rolls were tested in the Which? report and were found to contain 100% bamboo.


Naked Sprout
The Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Made in Europe

Naked Sprout's eco-friendly toilet paper in a box

Naked Sprout produce their toilet roll on Europe, through certified carbon neutral manufacturing at their B Corp tissue factory. They use solar panels to produce eco toilet paper that is kind to the planet.

  • Produced: Europe
  • Cost per Roll: £0.83

The highlights:

🇪🇺 Made in Europe
☠️ Contains no bleach, harsh chemicals or plastic
🌲 50% fewer carbon emissions than many of the other eco alternatives
☀️ 8000+ solar panels at their factory
♻️ Choose from bamboo or recycled cardboard
🧻 They sell eco-friendly toilet roll, tissues and paper towels
✅ Subscription service available

⚠️ Naked Sprout were highlighted in the Which? report where their bamboo rolls were found to contain only 4% bamboo. However they have responded to contest the results with full records of the raw materials used. Due to this, we continue to recommend their products.


Honest Supplies
The Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Made From Recycled UK Materials

Honest Supplies eco-friendly toilet paper

Honest Supplies eco-friendly toilet roll is made in the UK from 100% post consumer recycled materials, helping to use the waste in the UK’s waste management system.

  • Produced: UK
  • Cost per Roll: £1.12

 The highlights:

♻️ Made from recycled materials with FSC and CHSA industry certifications
🌲 Reduces deforestation
🧻 A slight brown colour as it contains no chlorine
📦 100% plastic-free, delivered in a recycled box with paper tape
✅ Subscription available
☁️ 200% carbon negative
🤚Great for sensitive skin
🇬🇧 Made in the UK by a UK company

Honest Supplies were not part of the Which? report as they solely produce recycled toilet paper rolls.


The Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper with a 100% Happiness Guarantee

Bumboo's eco-friendly toilet paper

Bumboo eco-friendly toilet paper is made in China close to where the raw bamboo material in sourced, and shipped over to the UK. They have a 100% happiness guarantee policy where they will refund you the price of the product if you don't love it!

  • Produced: China
  • Cost per Roll: £0.88

The highlights:

🐼 Made from 100% bamboo pulp in the Sichuan province of China
🚢 Shipped by sea freight to the UK
🌲 Wrapped in FSC certified paper and printed with soybean based inks
♻️ All packaging is fully recyclable and compostable
⚪ Bleached without chlorine and un-whitened options available
🌱 Vegan-friendly and no animal testing
🧻 Available in wrapped on unwrapped options
✅ Subscription available

⚠️ Bumboo were highlighted in the Which? report where their bamboo rolls were found to contain only 2.7% bamboo. They admitted there were problems with their supply chain and some products were impacted and customers were informed  Due to their accountability, we continue to recommend their products.


Price Comparison Table

Eco Toilet Paper Brand Number of Rolls Price Cost Per Roll
Bazoo 48 £36.89 £0.77
Serious Tissues 36 £34.99 £0.97
Who Gives A Crap 48 £44.00 £0.92
Naked Sprout 48 £39.99 £0.83
Honest Supplies 24 £26.80 £1.12
Bumboo 48 £42.00 £0.88


Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using eco-friendly toilet paper?

Using eco-friendly toilet paper reduces deforestation and habitat destruction by using materials like bamboo and recycled paper. By switching to eco-friendly toilet paper, you can also look after you body with chemical-free toilet paper than promotes healthier skin. 

How much does toilet paper affect the environment?

Toilet paper has a significant impact on the environment due to trees being cut down for its production and the energy-intensive manufacturing processes involved. Using eco-toilet paper alternatives that use recycled materials or bamboo, a fast growing plant, are a much more sustainable alternative.

Is it better to buy recycled toilet paper?

Buying recycled toilet paper is a better choice than toilet paper from virgin wood, as it helps reduce deforestation. By choosing recycled toilet paper, you contribute to conserving natural resources and promoting a circular economy.


Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for reading!




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