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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Nail Care

Eco-friendly nail polishes

Give your fingers and the planet some TLC with these eco-friendly nail care products

Priming and painting my nails is one of my favourite pamper activities, as it always makes me feel presentable and put together. However, at-home manicures usually consist of toxic nail polish ingredients and lots of cotton wool pads going to waste, which certainly isn’t ideal!

But what if I told you that natural nail care is an eco-friendly solution to this struggle? Look no further than our selection of eco-friendly nail polishes that’ll revolutionise your manicures!


Glass Nail File

Traditional nail files can be extremely damaging for your nails and the planet – that’s why we recommend switching to a glass nail file from Fresh Therapies.

Not only will you feel fancy whipping out this luxurious file with its wooden protective case, but your nails will also be chip-free and feel healthier.

Glass nail files are also built to last and won’t constantly need replacing, which is why we can’t recommend this eco-friendly nail care product enough.


Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Most nail polishes are filled with nasty chemicals that cause irritation and harm your nails over time, not to mention the pollution! It’s worth making the switch to an eco-friendly makeup product for this step, especially if you’re someone who regularly changes their nail colour.

We recommend trying Zao Makeup’s line of eco-friendly nail polishes which have a non-toxic formula. These water-based varnishes stay put on your nails and provide a high shine finish without hindering your delicate nails or the environment – what’s not to love?


Vegan Nail Polish Remover and Wipes

Removing your nail polish properly is equally important, and Fresh Therapies’ vegan nail polish remover will do just this without stripping or weakening your nails. They’ve also swapped the nose-crinkling acetone odour for a fresh lime scent, making this an enjoyable and effortless step in your natural nail care routine.

It’s also worth testing some reusable nail polish remover wipes for this step – our favourites are by Tabitha Eve. They’re machine washable and 100% biodegradable, so you can easily wipe away any traces of nail polish without creating unnecessary waste – it’s such a simple solution!


Hand Cream

Finish off by nourishing your hands with Funky Soap Shop’s cocoa butter and lemon hand cream – it works like a dream! It feels super sumptuous on the skin thanks to the avocado oil and cocoa butter, meaning your nails will be ultra-nourished.

It also absorbs quickly so there’s no more flailing your hands around while waiting for it to dry, which is a lifesaver! This eco-friendly makeup product has definitely become a handbag essential for keeping my manicure in tip-top condition!


And voila – eco nail care that’ll leave you feeling like a new woman! It’s easier than ever to achieve a natural manicure, and we can guarantee that you won’t look back!

Have you started your eco-friendly nail care journey yet? We’d love to hear your advice and recommendations, so let us know in a comment!

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