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A Guide To Using Vegan Eyeshadow

Finding a vegan eyeshadow that’s eco-friendly may seem impossible, but mineral powders are the solution you need to test.

Mineral eyeshadow isn’t pressed in a pan like traditional eyeshadows; instead, it’s loose and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives. Not only are vegan eyeshadows free from animal products, but they also avoid toxins that seep into the skin, making them a much safer option.

Traditional eyeshadows often include ingredients like talc, guanine, carmine and lanolin – you should watch out for these non-vegan additions. Not only might they irritate the skin, but they also pollute our water after removing makeup.

Instead, vegan eyeshadows use natural ingredients like iron oxides and titanium oxides, and are enriched with natural colourings to make them a more soothing alternative. If you’re still unsure about your favourite eyeshadows, there’s no harm in checking the label.

As the Love The Planet mineral eyeshadows don’t contain any fillers like traditional powders, they are highly pigmented and a little will go a long way. To apply vegan eyeshadow, use a dry eyeshadow brush to sweep on the product for a subtle but stunning effect.

If you want something even sheerer, use your finger to add a subtle wash of mineral eyeshadow to the eyelids and blend it into the skin for an effortlessly easy option. Alternatively, add a drop of water to the loose powder to create a bolder, foiled appearance that’s especially pretty for shimmery shades.

Not only are vegan eyeshadows a stunning way to add some glam to your makeup routine, but they also make a great substitute for eyeliner, highlighter or blusher depending on the chosen shade.


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