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A Guide To Vegan Concealer

Trying a vegan concealer is the eco-friendly way to achieve expertly erased blemishes.

Concealer is a colour correcting cosmetic that’s used for anything from masking dark circles and age spots to covering blemishes and redness. If your skin has any imperfections that you want to hide then a concealer is your go-to, and an eco-friendly concealer is even better.

There are two main types of vegan concealer on the market depending on what you’re after: concealer sticks and mineral concealers.

Concealer sticks are incredibly creamy and thick, helping to correct imperfections while providing high coverage and staying in place all day. These products pack a punch and definitely won’t disappoint if you’re trying to hide a stubborn blemish. The Zao Makeup ones are also refillable, coming in a sustainable bamboo case that you can continue to love.

Mineral concealers are a more lightweight way to target dark circles and blemishes, which you can easily build up until you reach the desired level of coverage.

Both types of vegan concealer are great at covering up even the peskiest of imperfections, so which one you opt for is entirely up to personal preference.

We prefer using the mineral concealer for a natural, all-over wash of coverage, whereas the heavy-duty concealer stick is better for targeting extreme areas of concern that otherwise won’t budge. Also, we suggest not using cream products after powders so your base makeup isn’t disturbed, so a mineral concealer is the best choice if you’re already wearing mineral foundation.

Iron oxides and titanium dioxides are both incredibly common ingredients in vegan concealers, adding pigment and acting as natural sunscreens that reflect the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Eco-friendly concealers also often contain ingredients like silica and plant-based oils, whereas you should avoid those that use glycerine, squalene or anything else that sounds suspiciously non-vegan.

To apply the concealer stick, start by dabbing some of the product on the inside corner and blending along the under-eye towards the outer corner. To correct imperfections, blend on and around the offending area for even coverage. While a brush works well, the warmth of your fingertips will help the product blend easier.

With the mineral concealer, use a brush to apply light strokes from the inner to the outer corner of your eye, and also use a small amount on any blemishes. Then, brush away any excess powders with a large buffing brush. A little goes a long way, as the pigments are extremely concentrated in this vegan concealer.


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