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A Natural Soap Bar vs Liquid Hand Soap

During times of crisis, where we are encouraged to be washing our hands more frequently what do you turn to? 

Interestingly at the time of writing (during COVID-19), you visit a supermarket and it's the liquid soap that has sold out. The soap bars are still on the shelf. This blog post explores the difference between the two and what you should be using to wash your hands efficiently. 

A natural soap bar in an olive wood soap dish


Washing your hands with a natural soap bar couldn't be easier. You pick it up off your soap dish and it's ready to go straight away. You're only ever touching the bar of soap. With liquid soap you're either picking up the bottle or at least touching the pump. It can get a little messy too if you're anything like me, where somehow I miss the palm of my hand completely and it ends up running down the side of the bottle or in the sink. Personally, I'd always go for a soap bar. It feels more homely to me too. Maybe that's a nostalgia thing.


A natural soap bar wins for me on this front too. Every natural soap bar that we stock is wrapped in either paper or in cardboard. The waste created is very minimal and is super easy to deal with in a recycling facility. Liquid soap firstly created a larger carbon footprint as it comes in glass or aluminium (I'm ignoring the stuff you can get in the supermarket or chemist) and that glass or aluminium also needs to be recycled at the end. In terms of a true zero waste product, the soap bar wins every time.


Storing liquid soap is easy as it comes in a bottle and you can just keep it on your sink. Looking after a natural soap bar is a little trickier as you need to keep it dry. What that means is storing it on a soap dish. In regards to travel, a massive positive on the natural soap bar front is that it doesn't count as a liquid so you don't need to worry about it in your hand luggage. 


As long as you're using a natural product then both will have a similar affect on your skin. Looking after your skin, keeping it moist, firm and with a healthy looking glow all comes from investing in natural skincare products. The best place to start is with a natural soap - liquid or solid. Check out our range of natural soap bars.


As I've reminded friends and family about the joys of a soap bar some have questioned how hygienic soap bars are. With broadly the same ingredients, both soap bars and liquid soap are just as hygienic as each other. A soap bar is cleaned as you wash your hands, and you should always remember to rinse your liquid soap bottle clean of germs! Hygiene-wise it really just comes down to your lifestyle priorities and personal preference. 


Trina's favourite soap bar: Shea Butter Soap Bar

Charlie's favourite soap bar: Raspberry & Cream Natural Soap Bar


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