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A Short Guide to Plastic-Free Cleaning Products

Plastic-free cleaning sachets

Choosing the Best Plastic-Free Cleaning Products for your Home

We've picked out a bunch of cleaning products that are eco friendly & non toxic 

Filling your cupboards with plastic-free cleaning products will protect the environment and save on waste. Here's a collection of essential products for every day use.

Dissolvable Cleaning Sachets

Whether it's cleaning the kitchen, the floors, the oven or the bathroom, dissolvable cleaning sachets are an essential plastic-free product for every household. Made from naturally-derived plant extracts and essential oils, these household cleaners are kind to the planet and leave zero waste.

Marseille Soap

This product is the definition of multi-purpose cleaning. Marseille Soap is made from organic olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt and water, so it has no chemical nasties and is sensitive on the skin. You can use the Marseille Soap bar for household cleaning, surface cleaner and even body soap. This is the most versatile cleaning soap bar we've ever used.

Toilet Bombs

While we try to make sure every cleaning product is 100% plastic free, it's also paramount that the ingredients are eco friendly and don't release any nasty chemicals into our waters. These plastic-free toilet bombs are very easy to use and contain no chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

All you have to do is drop one into the toilet bowl and let it work its magic. It will cut through dirt and grime, leaving your toilet bowl sparkly and clean.

Modular Washing Up Brush

Start shopping for plastic-free products that are reusable and will last for ages. The Modular Washing Up Brush has a weighted aluminium handle and planet-based bristles. It comes with a 10-year guarantee and you only have to change the head once it's worn, which is also biodegradable. 

Compostable Cleaning Sponges

You're likely to find cleaning sponges in the majority of homes, but many high-street brands contain microplastics that make their way into our waters. Choosing the right compostable cleaning sponge is easy, and should be made from organic compounds and cotton. These sponges are also highly durable, machine washable and vegan friendly.

Dish Wash Block

Washing up liquid that you find in the supermarket usually comes in a non-recyclable plastic bottle, and contains harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin and the environment. Dish wash blocks are free from plastic, palm oil, sulfates and parabens. They lather up quickly, cut through thick grease and don't leave chemical residue. 


Knowing which plastic-free products to buy when cleaning your home can be a simple task. Take a look in your cupboards and pick out the products you use most. Once you're nearly finished with them, start swapping in plastic-free and eco-friendly cleaning products. You'll never look back.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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