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Our Pick of the Best Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products

Natural kitchen cleaning bar

Keep your home gleaming with these natural kitchen cleaning products

If harsh chemical products containing bleach spring to mind when you think of kitchen cleaners, then think again! There are actually many inventive cleaning options on the market that are plastic-free.

If you’re unsure what products are available, here’s a list of our five favourite natural kitchen cleaning products.

Kitchen Cleaning Bar

The kitchen cleaning bar by Planet Detox is a miracle product that will remove dirt, grease and stains from all kitchen areas, making it a must-try. It contains pumice to gently yet effectively target difficult stains, plus lemon oil and thyme oil which provide antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Whether you’re polishing the taps, cleaning kitchen surfaces or removing pesky oven stains, this is the multipurpose eco kitchen product that you need to try.

Oxygen Bleach

Did you realise that bleach can be safe and non-toxic? Well, forget the harsh chlorine bleach and opt for natural kitchen cleaning products instead with oxygen bleach.

The way this product works is by dissolving it in water, which causes the bleach to release oxygen that acts as a powerful stain remover and disinfectant for all of your kitchen surfaces. No stain is too tricky for this natural bleach!

Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser

Forget harmful chemical kitchen sprays where you don’t know what’s inside them, and choose Ocean Saver’s kitchen cleaner and degreaser instead.

It’s made using plant-derived ingredients, offering a non-toxic formula that still provides a superior clean. And since it forgoes the water component (typical cleaning brands sell you 90% water inside spray bottles), it saves on carbon emissions and helps our oceans.

Simply pop the dissolvable sachet in water, shake and you’re ready to start tackling dirt with this eco-friendly cleaning product – it’s that simple!

Castile Soap

Sometimes you don’t want a harsh cleaner that’s going to power through every stain in its path, but instead you need a gentler option. In that case, we recommend Castile soap.

Natural kitchen cleaning products have never been more multipurpose, as this wonder can also double as a facial wash, shampoo, floor cleaner, surface spray, the list goes on!

Castile still cuts through grease but is an extra mild option full of organic ingredients that’s worth having as part of your eco kitchen cleaning routine.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Why not take it old school and use bicarbonate of soda to tackle your kitchen cleaning? This mild alkali causes dirt and grease to easily dissolve in water, plus it can be used in countless ways.

Our personal favourite is to use this natural kitchen cleaning product to tackle limescale, but it’s also excellent as a laundry detergent, air freshener, surface cleaner – you’ll never run out of uses for this eco must-have.


Hopefully, finding some eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products feels less daunting now, as you’re able to choose from the countless options available.

Have you tried any of these natural kitchen cleaning products? Let us know which one is your favourite by leaving a comment!

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