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Eco-Friendly Pet Care for Animal Lovers

Eco-friendly pets, a cat and a dog

How to look after your pet sustainably

Written by Charlie Gill

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

In a world where environmental consciousness is on the rise, eco-friendly practices extend beyond our own lifestyles to the care we provide for our beloved pets. As more individuals embrace sustainable living, there’s been an increase in adopting sustainable practices for our pets to help minimising our environmental footprint.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ways in which we can provide eco-friendly pet care for our best friends. 

Choosing Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Eco-friendly pet care begins with the products we choose for our furry friends. Opting for sustainable pet products made from organic and biodegradable materials can help to reduce the environmental impact. 

Rather than a plastic bowl, try a plant-based dog bowl or cat bowl made with renewable materials of bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks to reduce our dependence on petroleum plastics. Opt for reusable, eco-friendly toys made from natural materials like rubber and cotton, or recycled materials, that way you aren’t adding to the waste problem or creating virgin plastic waste.  

Making the conscious decision to prioritise eco-friendly pet accessories doesn’t mean you have to settle for less either as many of these products last for longer and are much loved by pets.


Eco-friendly dog toys

Nutrition and Eco-Friendly Pet Food

A key aspect of responsible pet ownership is providing a balanced and nutritious diet for our pets. Opting for eco-friendly pet food involves choosing brands that prioritise sustainable sourcing of ingredients. 

Look for dog food options that use ethically raised meat, avoid unnecessary fillers, and utilise eco-friendly packaging. If you want to, you could even choose a vegan or vegetarian option for your dog or cat, though there are many other ethical options too. 

Even better, you could make your own dog food, time allowing. You can put together a perfectly zero waste meal by saving leftover veggies and sourcing meat that humans usually discard from a butchers or market. 

The Question of Poo 

Pet poo is an inevitable part of pet ownership, but its disposal can have a significant impact on the environment and it’s really important to adopt eco-friendly practices when disposing of waste. The bacteria in dog poo if left where it landed can often cause extra algae, disturb natural habitats or even potentially flow into water systems. The best method is to simply pick it up!

Compostable dog poo bags don’t tend to break down in landfill so if you’re not composting the poop at home, it’s better to go for a recycled plastic option. Composting dog poo in a controlled environment can be an environmentally friendly way to handle it, and worms can eat it too.

For cats, try bio cat litter. While also compostable, it’s not suitable if the compost is to be used for growing vegetables. 


Eco-friendly pet care for cats

Natural and DIY Pet Care Hacks

Embracing natural and do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions for pet care is another eco-friendly approach. Make your own dog shampoo, pet treats or grooming products, there are so many different recipes and ideas for replacing commercial products.

Some natural remedies for common pet issues like soothing chamomile baths or homemade flea repellents, not only reduce your ecological footprint but also contribute to the overall well-being of your pets. Added to that, they’re incredibly effective!

If you haven’t got the time to make your own dog shampoo, there are some ethical brands doing the job for you, like this dog shampoo from Faith in Nature. 


Eco-friendly pet care is not just a trend; it's a responsible and compassionate way to care for our pets while minimising our impact on the environment. From choosing sustainable pet products and food to managing poop responsibly, every decision we make as pet owners can have a positive effect on the planet. 

There’s no need to avoid owning a pet if you can create sustainable habits with them.


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