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Essential Plastic-Free Skincare Products

Plastic-free hand sanitiser gel in a small glass jar

Establish a Skincare Routine with Natural & Plastic-Free Products

Choosing the bare essentials with our handy guide to skincare products 

It's time to leave the world of plastic bottles and excessive waste behind, and it's time to create a basket of skincare goodies that are gentle on your skin and healthy for our planet. We've chosen a handful of items that will inspire your new skincare routine.

Organic Facial Cotton Rounds

Ditch the baby wipes that are sewer bound and go for 100% cotton facial rounds that can be reused and are machine washable. These handmade face wipes are a plastic-free product that are highly sustainable and made in the UK. 


From hydrating face creams to body butters and lotions, plastic-free moisturisers now come packaged in cardboard, tins and aluminium bottles. There are tonnes of choices out there that only use natural skincare ingredients, which are so much healthier for your skin in the short and long term.

Facial Cleansers

It's an exciting time to be cleansing your face. Facial cleansers are being developed in all areas, including face creams, washing grains, make up removers and lots more. They are packed full of delicate and hydrating elements that are 100% natural. You can easily create a plastic-free face care routine in your bathroom. What are you waiting for?

Hand Sanitiser

With highly powerful properties that kill bacteria and viruses, hand sanitiser has never been more relevant than it is now. It's the type of plastic-free product that you can carry around with you for every day use. It's also super important to make sure the alcohol level is at least 60%, as this is recommended by the WHO.


Skin protection suncream is not just made for the summer months, it's a product you should consider all year round. Mineral suncreams, sun sticks, balms and butters are packaged plastic free, come in various SPFs and hydrate your skin. 


The products we've highlighted above are merely inspiration to get you started. If you already own some of the plastic-free products that we've mentioned, then try to fill the spaces you currently have.

You could try micellar water, lip balm, hand repair jam or anything else that would fit in your skincare routine. It's all about finding the products that work for you. 

Do you agree with our essentials list? Let us know in the comments.

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