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Ethical Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Wild Fig Soy Wax Candle - Subluceo - Life Before Plastic

7 Ethical Gift Ideas

Ethical gifts are a great way to show you care about the planet, but they are also great for the person receiving them! Eco-friendly products tend to be made out of carefully selected, sustainably sourced materials that are better for the overall health of the person you’re buying the gift for. 

What’s more, buying ethical gifts supports small businesses that are doing their bit to create a more sustainable world.

Whether it’s skincare products or food and drink, what you’re putting into and onto your body matters. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 7 ethical gift ideas that everyone will love. 


Candles from £11.99

Soy wax candles are a great eco-friendly gift alternative to paraffin or beeswax candles. The soy is sustainably sourced and they don’t have the health risks associated with burning paraffin for long periods.

We have gathered a selection of our favourite scents for you to choose from including wild fig and galbanum, mango and rhubarb and peony and pomegranate. They smell good enough to eat (but don’t actually eat them)!


Tea or coffee sets from £23.99

Our carefully selected tea and coffee gift sets are part of our wider range of ethical loose-leaf tea and coffee. 

The Tea Tin gift set is everything you need to switch to plastic-free tea. It contains 5 reusable tea bags and a tea strainer, and the tea, made by B Corp certified Brew Tea Co. comes in handy tins that look great on the kitchen shelf.

The Alpaca coffee gift set is perfect for coffee lovers. Along with a packet of sustainably sourced Peruvian ground coffee, it comes with a handy scoop and a coffee filter to get brewing straight away.

Both sets come in a recycled kraft box, tied with twine and with a gift tag so there is no need to worry about wrapping – we’ve done it for you!


Brew Tea Collection - Life Before Plastic


Skincare from £4.49

This collection of skincare products has been sourced from some of our favourite sustainable beauty brands. They are plastic-free, made from completely natural products and are all manufactured in the UK. 

From soap and scrubs to natural moisturiser and body butter, this is a great place to buy gifts for a friend who is considering switching to a more ethical skincare brand.


Chocolate from £1.99

For the chocolate lovers in your life, check out this selection of our favourite organic chocolate bars by Raw Halo and Ocelot.

All of the chocolate is free from refined sugar and palm oil, and is made using ethically sourced ingredients – and they’re all delicious! Whether the gift is for someone who is vegan or just conscious about the environmental impact of their choices, it will definitely hit the spot.

All Raw Halo chocolate is vegan-friendly. Some of the Ocelot chocolate contains milk.


Starter pack - bare essentials set for beginners £28.99

For your friend who is just beginning their eco-friendly journey, we have put together this gift set with everything they need to get started.

With a bamboo toothbrush, organic toothpaste, natural deodorant and gorgeous smelling soap, the set will make the transition to plastic-free personal care easy.


Plants/wildflower seeds £7.99

We all love bees! 

Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem but are sadly under threat from a loss of their natural habitats. These Native Wildflower Bee Bombs are packed full of 1000s of tiny seeds native to the UK, and they couldn’t be easier to plant.

Simply scatter them in a sunny spot and give them plenty of water and you’ll soon have a patch of flowers that the bees will love. This is the perfect gift for environmentalists who want to do their bit for bees in the UK


Gift card from £20

Still not sure what to get? Give the gift of choice with a Life Before Plastic gift card. Our gift cards are sent via email so the recipient can select their own ethical gift from our wide selection of items.


If these aren't the exact gift you are looking for, take your pick from our selection of eco-friendly products. Which will you choose for your loved ones?


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