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Our Favourite Non Plastic Stocking Filler Ideas

A Guide to our Favourite Eco-Friendly & Non Plastic Stocking Filler Ideas

The festive season is just around the corner and what better way to embrace an eco lifestyle than to have a plastic-free Christmas! In this blog we’re turning our attention to stocking fillers. Despite usually being little gifts small enough to fit inside a sock, stocking fillers can create lots of plastic waste.

Stocking fillers can actually be some of the worst offenders in terms of sustainability impact. They’re usually little plastic trinkets, that are individually wrapped in non-recyclable gift wrap containing plastic and dyes, which is held together with plastic, non-recyclable sticky tape, and to make matters worse they often won’t get used past Christmas day - Yikes!

To help you avoid this environmental pitfall, and to help you on your way to an eco friendly Christmas, we’ve put together some of our favourite eco-friendly, non-plastic stocking filler ideas. (Oh and once you’ve found the perfect gift, make sure to wrap them in eco friendly gift wrapping and use paper tape! We stock it all in the Life Before Plastic store).


Handmade Ceramic Avocado Soap Dish

A beautiful ceramic soap dish in a witty avocado design, this is one of our best sellers. Made by British ceramists Beci Callow, this handmade soap dish fits all regular natural soap bars and is the ideal size for a Christmas stocking. Take a look at the avocado soap dish.


Avocado Soap Dish - Life Before Plastik

Natural Lip Balm

If you're looking for a smaller sustainable gift, try the Coconut Bee natural lip balms with both vegan and beeswax varieties. These plastic-free lip balms come in a small glass tub and all sorts of scents, my favourite is Rose and Seaweed. Shop natural lip balms.


Coconut Bee Lip Balm - Life Before Plastik

Ethical Chocolate

You cannot go wrong with a chocolate bar, and we are all over the deliciously creamy and slavery free chocolate from Tony's Chocolonely. Available in all sorts of flavours, these are the perfect little gifts to fill a stocking. Take a look at our organic chocolate selection.

 Gingerbread ethical chocolate

Dirty Basterd Natural Soap Bar

One for giggles, this natural soap bar is a firm favourite. With a printed slogan 'Dirty Basterd' this is an ideal eco-friendly stocking filler that your recipient will not only laugh at but it will also come in handy. If it's not your slogan of choice, we also stock 'No Fux Given' soap bars. The choice is yours! Shop natural soap bars.


Natural soap bar

Eco-Friendly Scrunchies

Eco-friendly scrunchies are just the right size to pop into a stocking. They are made from organic cotton and natural rubber so that they're 100% biodegradable. The earth tones pack is my favourite, and are a fab idea for those hard-to-buy-for teenagers. Shop eco-friendly scrunchies. 

Eco friendly scrunchies

Plastic-free Lipstick

When we discovered plastic-free lipstick, we could not believe these are not everywhere! These natural lipsticks come wrapped with paper so you simply roll the paper down where you need more colour. Choose from a wide range of shades for your stocking filler gift. Take a look at the full eco-friendly lipstick range.


Plastic free lipstick

Soy Wax Candle

Christmas wouldn't be the same without a candle. These candles are made from soy wax, kinder to the environment and better for your health. We stock a couple of Christmassy scents but also a range of other scents. You can't go wrong with a natural candle. Shop soy wax candles.


Nana's apple pie natural soy wax candle

Reusable Coffee Cup

Just small enough for a stocking filler, a reusable coffee cup is the staple of every eco-friendly bag. Suitable for staying at home, work, University or trips away. Choose from a selection of different colours to suit all tastes. View our reusable coffee cups.


Reusable Coffee Cup - Life Before Plastik

Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb

We've saved our favourite for last. Personally, we like nothing more than relaxing in a bath and these eco-friendly bath bombs won't just facilitate that, they will give time that home spa experience. We have a beautiful selection of different bath bombs to choose from - our favourite is the Botanical Bloom bath bomb but it is so hard to decide! Choose from our eco-friendly bath products.


Bath Fizzy - Life Before Plastik


All the above items are available from our collection of Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts. Browse through our full Eco Friendly Stocking Fillers collection for more eco-friendly gift ideas and other bigger ethical gifts all the whole family. 

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, what are your non plastic stocking filler ideas?

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