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How Being Sustainable Can Save You Money

Being sustainable can help you save money like these cash notes.

It's a myth that protecting the environment is expensive. 

We all know we need to do something to protect Mother Nature before it's too late. Making the switch to eco-friendly products is one way we can make a positive impact on protecting the environment. 

Being eco-conscious does not mean you will be spending more. In fact, there are lots of eco-friendly products you can buy as an alternative, that are as affordable, if not cheaper. Let's look at some examples.


The Eco Alternative to Disposable Razors
Safety Razors

Shoreline shaving safety razor kit

safety razor kit can save you up to £10 when compared to buying a popular brand like Gillette. Safety razors are designed to be used for a lifetime, where you're only to buy affordable replacement blades.

Savings: Save £10 by purchasing a reusable razor kit rather than Gillette razor and blades.

Other benefits: A safety razor reduces waste, as disposable razors are non recyclable and contribute to plastic pollution.


The Eco Alternative to Clingfilm
Food Wax Wraps

Vegan food wax wraps

Wax wraps are made from sustainable materials like beeswax or tree resin. These reusable food wraps are designed to be used multiple times. This in comparison with clingfilm, a single-use plastic, that is disregarded after one use. 

Savings: Clingfilm costs on average £10/year when a pack of wax wraps costs £14 and lasts years.

Other benefits: Wax wraps are reusable over and over again as food wraps, but at the end of their life they can be used a nifty firelighters. 


The Eco Alternative to Liquid Shampoo
Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars

Using a shampoo bar instead of big-name brands like Herbal Essences can also save money each month. Shampoo bars work in a similar way to traditional liquid shampoo, but they often contain no sulfates or other chemicals, and they last much longer than their liquid counterparts.

Savings: Cheaper per wash, Herbal Essences shampoo works out as roughly £2.25/month while a shampoo bar costs £1.99/month.

Other benefits: Shampoo bars are perfect for travel, no need to worry about your liquid allowance. 


The Eco Alternative to Cheap Kitchen Sponges
Kitchen Scourers

Kitchen coconut scourers

As well as personal care products, eco-friendly products can also save money in the kitchen. Coconut scourers can save money in the long run compared to cheap plastic kitchen sponges. Coconut scourers are made from sustainably sourced coconut husk and are designed to last longer than cheap plastic sponges. 

Savings: Cheap plastic kitchen sponges cost 50p per sponge and last around three weeks. Coconut scourers cost £2.50 per sponge but last for six months.

Other benefits: The coconut is high durable but doesn't scratch or damage pans either.


The Eco Alternative to Cleaning Bottles
Cleaning Sachets

Ocean saver cleaning sachet

Using a cleaning sachet can save you up to half the price of a popular brand like Dettol. Ocean Saver sachets are concentrated and designed to be mixed with water to create a cleaning solution, while traditional cleaners come with water already mixed in, in single-use plastic bottles, which constantly need to be replaced. 

Savings: Dettol antibacterial spray costs £3 while an ocean saver antibacterial cleaning sachet costs £1.99.

Other benefits: As cleaning sachets do not contain any water, they're much lighter than traditional cleaners, making their travel carbon footprint much less. Likewise, they often do not contain any harmful chemicals.


By making eco-friendly choices and choosing eco-products, you can save money in the long run while also making a positive impact on the environment. Eco-friendly products are designed to be sustainable, long-lasting, and more often than not, cost-effective.

Have you made the switch to any of these eco-friendly products? 


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