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How To Store Food Without Plastic

Vegan reusable food wrap

Preserve your meals with these plastic-free food storage options

We’re massive advocates for eating fresh food and home-cooked meals, but sometimes it’s a race against time to eat everything before it goes stale. Not to mention that plastic food storage containers can release toxins into food and aren’t great for the environment.

Thankfully, we’ve got some incredible solutions for preserving your food while saying no to plastic. From the shopping bags you use to the lunchbox you take to the office, keep reading to hear our plastic-free food storage solutions.

Wax Wraps

If you’re constantly repurchasing cling film and frustrated by the environmental impact, you need to try reusable food wraps. They’re plastic-free, use low impact dyes and are infused with organic jojoba oil, so you can assure that no harmful chemicals are leaching into your food.

To use, simply wrap this plastic-free food storage solution around your food and use the heat from your palms to mould the beeswax into place. And with vegan wax reusable food wraps alternatives, everyone has an option to keep their food fresh.

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Another eco-friendly food storage option that everyone needs in their life is a stainless steel lunch box, which is ideal for meal prepping or taking lunch into the office. The non-toxic stainless steel means your food will stay fresh without retaining the metal flavour.

This plastic-free food storage container has a slimline design that makes it portable, and it’s also dishwasher safe up to 240 degrees, making it an incredibly easy switch to implement in your routine.

Stainless steel lunch box

Produce Bags

There’s no longer the need to be that person who’d always forgets to bring a carrier bag to the supermarket and ends up purchasing loads of single-use plastic ones. By switching to a reliable cotton reusable produce bag, you’ll never have this worry again and will be doing good for the environment.

Not only are they lightweight and easy to carry around, but they’re also made from GOTS certified organic cotton so you know that their environmental impact is minimal.

Bowl Covers

Sometimes the easiest option for plastic-free food storage is to cover your bowl, so eco-friendly bowl covers are a great way to achieve this.

Organic cotton bowl covers are completely biodegradable and machine washable, making these fabric covers easy to implement into a sustainable kitchen.

Alternatively, silicone stretch lids are a leakproof and airtight solution to keep food fresher for longer while replacing plastic clingfilm. They’re also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, making them incredibly versatile.


As you can tell, there are plenty of plastic-free food storage options to keep your food preserved, tasting fresh and to reduce your food waste. Which one is your favourite? Be sure to leave a comment letting us know!

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