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How to travel plastic-free

How to travel plastic free

Visiting new places is one of our top favourite things to do and you too can travel plastic-free by following these simple steps. 

What type of transport are you using to travel?

In trying to reduce my carbon footprint, I tend to opt for the train or bus (this year I’m heading all the way to Belgrade by train!), but sometimes you can’t avoid the plane.

When going through security, they ask you to put all your liquids in that plastic bag. I’ve learnt the hard way that some security guards refuse to let you through without a plastic bag, so take one and REUSE REUSE REUSE. I’ve had the same bag for about 3 years.

What plastic free items are you taking with you on your journey?

Reusable water bottle

This baby is a constant part of my bag and traveling without is a no-go. When you’re overseas and it’s not safe to drink the tap water, you can boil the water first or just pop in a water purification tablet and wait an hour ‘til it’s safe to drink.

TOP TIP - You can fill your water bottle up in the airport once you’ve gone through security, just ask at a bar or restaurant

Reusable coffee cup

    Keep this ready in your bag, not just for coffee but perfect when you’re on a plane and they offer you a drink – just whip out your cup!

    Plastic free soap, shampoo and conditioner

      Everyone knows the mini toiletries you get at a hotel ready to be used once and thrown away. By taking your own toiletries you save on all the plastic – plus shampoo bars and beauty kubes aren’t liquids so you don’t have to worry about the plastic bag at the airport!

      Plastic free deodorant
      Using a plastic-free deodorant, gone are the days you’d stress about it leaking in your bag, and these deodorants are perfect for keeping you smelling sweet throughout the 30+ weather (or -15 degrees!).

      Plastic free dental products
      Don’t forget your bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. With the new toothsoap from Georganics and their mouthwash tablets, you don’t even need to worry about the liquids! 

      Plastic free suncream
      If you’re going somewhere sunny, don’t forget your shade suncream – perfect to fit in your bag, and keep your body safe. And it comes completely plastic-free in a tin!

      Plastic free cutlery
      When you’re out-and-about wanting to sample the local food it’s always a good idea to have some plastic-free cutlery. Get yourself a little spork that doesn’t take up any room in your bag and is perfect for travels.

      How to store and carry your plastic free items while travelling

      Travelling with soap and shampoo bars, you can use soap pouches or even little Tupperware boxes.

      TOP TIP: You can even use beeswax wraps to wrap up your shampoo bars and keep them from going anywhere – plus they wrap to the size of the bar so they’re super compact!

      Beeswax wraps are also perfect for homemade lunches, or you can take a lunchbox with you. Not only for your food on the go but perfect for any dinners you just can’t quite finish!

      What are your top tips for traveling plastic-free? Let us know in the comments.

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