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How To Use Eco-Friendly Mascara

Bold and voluminous eyelashes that are kind to the environment are just a blink away with eco-friendly mascaras.

Natural mascaras allow you to achieve show-stopping eyelashes without any harmful chemicals involved or plastic wastage. There are two variations of eco-friendly mascara available on the market, depending on what type of look you want.

Refillable tube mascaras are similar in composition to conventional mascaras, except they’re free from toxins and come in a sustainable bamboo tube. The Zao Makeup mascaras are also enriched with nourishing vegan ingredients to leave your eyelashes feeling cared for.

Eco-friendly mascaras also come in a solid form packaged in a compact tin, like the Bain & Savon mascara cakes. When applied with a drop of water, these allow you to create a natural mascara look or build up to your desired volume. These eco-friendly mascaras are even multipurpose and can be used for eyeliner or eyebrow filler.

If you want a natural mascara look or just to add some tint to your eyelashes, the solid cake products will be best suited to you, whereas we recommend using the refillable tube mascara if volume is what you desire.

You should avoid applying mascaras containing harsh chemicals to the eyes and delicate skin surrounding them, as this may sting the eyes and harm the water system when washing off the product. We recommend looking for mascaras that use natural, vegan and organic ingredients.

Aloe vera is frequently found in eco-friendly mascaras due to its gentle and restorative properties, and acacia gum is another ingredient to look out for as it’s used as an adhesive agent to improve the hold of this natural mascara.

To apply the refillable tube mascaras, simply coat the lashes with the wand like you would with a traditional mascara. Once you’re finished with the product, simply take out the inner tube and recycle it. This can be replaced with a refill, whereas the bamboo case and wand can be cleaned and retained for future use.

For the solid mascara cake, dampen the mascara wand and roll it in the product until the brush is fully loaded. Then apply it as you would with a typical mascara, letting your eyelashes dry between coats. Keep layering up this eco-friendly mascara until you achieve the desired volume and length.


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