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A Short Guide to Ecobricks

Learn All About Ecobricks & How to Make One

We say that our houses are full of plastic but what if they were made out of it? If you have single-use plastic floating around that you can’t avoid or get rid of. Those crisp packets that can't be recycled or cucumber wrapper that you just can’t seem to buy a cucumber without? Well, now you can put it in an ecobrick. 

What are Ecobricks?

Ecobricks are plastic bottles stuffed full of plastic that can't be recycled and repurposed for building houses in third-world countries.

How do I make one?

  1. Get yourself an empty plastic bottle
  2. Clean any un-recyclable plastic that has had food in it
  3. Get a sturdy stick and squash it into the bottle
  4. Ta-da!

(When complete, each brick has to weigh a 1/3 of it’s ml e.g. a 750ml bottle should weigh 250g!)

What are Ecobricks used for?

Houses can be built out of bricks! Though in Europe you are much more likely to see children’s playgrounds and chairs/stools.

Once you've made one, what’s next?

You can either get creative and make your own structure or register your ecobrick by going to their website, download the app find a drop off point near you!

Making something of single-use plastic isn't ideal, but Ecobricks are a short term solution. It’s not only a stress reliever, it also makes you aware of just how much plastic is still around and makes you think twice about buying that crisp packet.

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