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Living An Eco-Friendly Life: What I Miss and What I Don't

What I miss: Disposable Takeaway Containers

What I Miss & Don't Miss Since Switching To An Eco-Lifestyle

Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle has been a transformative journey for me. While it's rewarding to know that I'm making a positive impact on the planet, there are some things I can't help but miss from my pre-eco days. On the flip side, there are countless aspects of my current sustainable lifestyle that I wouldn't swap for the alternative.

In this article, we’re exploring the things I miss since adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle and the ones I'm thrilled to leave behind.

Things I Miss Since Starting My Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Ordering Takeaway and Not Worrying About the Packaging

I miss the convenience of ordering my favourite dishes from local takeaway restaurants without a care in the world about the packaging it came in. Since shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle, I miss the ease of ordering takeout without feeling guilty about the plastic containers and single-use cutlery (and that little bag of salad from my local Indian) that often comes with the food.

The Convenience of the Supermarket

I miss being able to buy everything in one place. The supermarket has everything you need in their aisles but I can’t remember the last time I bought anything from their skin and hair care aisles. Instead I buy shampoo bars and skincare from independent businesses like Ben & Anna, and UpCircle Skincare. Where I can, I shop at my local refill store. I miss the convenience, but for a little planning and effort, it’s worth it for the planet.

Next Day Delivery

In the past, I used to be pretty last minute. Ordering next day delivery meant I could be last minute without the stress. As I’ve become more eco-conscious, I've learned the importance of mindful consumption and reducing unnecessary emissions from quicker deliveries, but I still miss being able to grab things instantly. 


Ethical Banking from Monzo Bank

Things I Don't Miss Since Starting My Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Shopping Fast Fashion

Gone are the days of mindlessly buying cheap, trendy clothes that barely last a season. Not only that, but the people making the clothes usually have bad working conditions. My eco lifestyle has taught me to cherish quality over quantity. Now, I love a trip to the charity shop and kilo sale. I’ve found that secondhand fashion is better, not only because it's kinder to the planet but also because each piece tells a unique story.

Supporting Amazon

I used to turn to Amazon for its convenience and seemingly endless array of products. Now, I much prefer supporting small, local businesses that align with my values. Knowing that my purchases are directly contributing to someone's dream and livelihood brings a sense of fulfilment that Amazon's one-click shopping could never replicate.

Other small business supporting websites I like to shop on include:

Having Two Cars

In the past, the idea of owning multiple cars for one household seemed like a status symbol. Of course, we don’t all have the choice, but living an eco-friendly lifestyle has opened my eyes to the benefits of car-sharing and using public transportation. Not only does sharing a car with my partner reduce our carbon footprint but it’s made me pick up an almost lost hobby: cycling. 

A Traditional Bank

Shifting to eco-friendly living even impacted my financial choices. I said bye to traditional banks and embraced digital banks like Monzo and Starling, which align with my values and focus on sustainability. These banks not only offer innovative services but also invest in environmentally responsible projects, making my money work for a greener future.

You can sign up to Monzo here and get £5 put straight into your bank account!

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has undeniably brought its fair share of challenges and adjustments, but the positive impact it has on the planet makes it all worthwhile. 

While I may miss some conveniences of my pre-eco days, I wouldn't trade convenience for being able to contribute to a sustainable world. By consciously choosing secondhand fashion, supporting local businesses, sharing resources, and opting for eco-conscious financial choices, I’ve been able to start helping those around me too. 

Are you aspiring to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle? What have you learnt about your journey so far? Let us know in the comments.



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