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Mouthwash: My favourite plastic free alternative

Georganics Mouthwash Tablets - Life Before Plastik

Okay, big statement to say that this is my favourite plastic free switch!

Let me introduce to you, Georganics Mouthwash tablets. They come in a glass jar with an aluminium lid. You can get either 180 or 720 in a jar. That is probably the most important piece of information that is so easily missed. The first thing people notice is the price tag. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than the plastic bottle that you buy from the supermarket, but look at the bigger picture - it’s going to last you so much longer.

A bottle of Listerine from the shelves of Tesco might set you back a couple of quid (when on offer) and it might last you a couple of months - tops. The small jar (180 tablets) from Georganics will last you 180 ‘mouthwashes’. That’s about 6 months. So yes, it’s more expensive at initial glance, but actually it works out cheaper in the long run. Oh and you’ve got the bonus of it having a luoride, glycerin and SLS free formula.

So how does it work? You pop a tablet into about 20ml of water before you pick up your bamboo toothbrush (that’s a whole other story!) and by the time you’ve brushed your teeth, the mouthwash is ready to use. It couldn’t be easier!

What are the downsides? Literally, the only thing I can think of is that you have to remember to have a glass in the bathroom. But, I’m pretty such most people already have a glass on the sink, so maybe that isn’t a downside afterall. I can’t think of any others!

Where can you buy this magical mouthwash? Well from our lovely little shop of course! Honestly, you can get it from most online plastic-free shops but that is only because it really is life changing and such an easy swap to make. Sometimes I worry that I preach too much to my friends about plastic free changes, but when you’re this easy and the alternative is actually a better product then it’s hard not to!

I’ve been using these mouthwash tablets for about 6 months now so I feel pretty clued up. If you’ve got any questions or concerns leave a comment below and I’ll try and let you as much as I can.

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