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An Introduction To Natural Finishing Powder

A natural finishing powder is the key to achieving radiant makeup that lasts all day and also protects the planet.

Vegan finishing powders do what they say on the tin – they finish your makeup and keep it locked in place throughout the day, all while being vegan. They also assist with evening out your skin tone, subtly blurring any pores or fine lines, and they can offer either a mattifying or luminous finish depending on your formula. If you wear makeup, a natural finishing powder will be your holy grail.

Vegan finishing powders come in two varieties – perfecting powder and compact powder – so where should you start? The main difference between the two is that perfecting powders are loose whereas compact powders are pressed. However, both of these natural finishing powders will do an amazing job at keeping your makeup in place without containing any chemical nasties.

Loose perfecting powders are incredibly finely milled and thus contain fewer oils, so they’re ideal for use on oilier skin types. Much like the Love the Planet powder, they’re often translucent and will suit any skin tone, and also have the bonus of being great for baking the skin, if you’re feeling fancy with your makeup techniques.

In contrast, pressed powders often come with some pigment and add an extra layer of coverage to your complexion. Since they contain more oils, they are better for drier skin types. However, both are equally great choices for setting your makeup in place.

Natural finishing powders often contain mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide – all of these are friendly vegan ingredients to keep an eye out for when purchasing a product. Compact powders like the Zao Makeup refillable ones also contain bamboo powder with a high silica content to hydrate the skin while reducing any shine. If you see ingredients like guanine and silk powder listed, you definitely want to give these non-vegan additives a miss.

To apply perfecting powder, use a large brush to buff it all over the skin. This can be done on top of foundation or on bare skin for lighter makeup days. Make sure you buff away any excess of the natural finishing powder afterwards. Similarly, swirl a brush in the compact powder and apply it all over the face, or you can even use a sponge for a more concentrated application on blemishes.


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