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How To Get The Perfect Brows With Vegan Eyebrow Products

Switching to vegan brows may be the secret to achieving tamed and defined eyebrows that benefit you and the planet.

Whether you’re into bushy brows or a more precise arch, there are two main ways to achieve eco-friendly eyebrows on the market: pencils or powder.

Vegan eyebrow pencils like those from Zao Makeup are incredible for structuring and intensifying your brows with an ultra-pigmented formula. They’re also enriched with organic vegan oils to provide a soft and creamy texture when applied.

These are best for achieving a more dramatic or intense look, and particularly for mimicking the appearance of hairs with extreme precision. If you want to reshape your brows then a vegan brow pencil is also the way forward.

Vegan eyebrow powder, on the other hand, allows you to naturally enhance your eyebrows with a powder that’s effortlessly easy to use. The Zao Makeup eyebrow powder is also refillable and comes in a sustainable bamboo case for continued love for years.

This product is more suited for achieving all-over pigmentation and filling in sparse areas, so it’s ideal if you want to have soft and natural vegan brows.

When shopping for your eco-friendly eyebrows, we recommend searching for products containing high-quality ingredients that are natural and organic. Moisturising agents like shea butter and coconut oil are commonly found in vegan brow products to nourish the skin while providing a soft and creamy texture. Silica is also common for vegan brows, helping to regenerate the epidermis and keep your skin feeling elastic and on top form.

To use a vegan eyebrow powder, use an angled brush and evenly fill in the length of your eyebrows, starting lightly and slowly building up the product for extra definition. Brush out your eyebrows at the end for an even fluffier finish.

For vegan eyebrow pencils, use short and light strokes to mimic hairs, filling in sparse areas or reshaping your eyebrows’ natural position. We recommend selecting a shade that matches your eyebrows or going one shade darker for bolder looking vegan brows.

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