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Should You Give Up Becoming A Parent for the Climate Crisis?

A parent with her child in the woods during the climate crisis

Giving up Parenthood in the Face of the Climate Crisis - should you?

The global climate crisis is underway, and as bad weather events continue to escalate, any prospective parents have to make a decision. Wanting to create a family but having concerns about the future of our planet and the life our children could have is a real conundrum and a decision that won't be made overnight.

In this article, find out the different perspectives on having children and the climate crisis and some solutions for how we can think about parenthood with sustainability in mind.



The climate crisis, rising global temperatures, extreme weather events, and environmental degradation, poses an extreme threat to our planet. It’s clear that the decisions we make today will have consequences for the world our children will inherit.

It's hard enough to make the decision about having a child, without even thinking about the state of the climate. Concerns about the future, fears of environmental instability, and the responsibility of bringing another carbon footprint into the world are all real considerations to think about. But then maybe you don't worry about that, or think that your children could be the solution.


Some perspectives on this debate include:

🤱 Too many people are using up vital resources already and you don't want you child to add to that.

🤱 Having children is a natural next step and fundamental human experience, and nothing beats having a child.

🤱 You could teach your child to join the fight for climate justice and create future environmental campaigners.

🤱 There are already so many needy children, you could adopt or foster and raise a child already alive.


There are lots of different view points when it comes to having a child. All of these are valid, personal and might change throughout your life. Have you thought about which one you fall under?

 Pregnant couple in the climate crisis

Balancing Parenthood & Your Climate Views

The choice to become a parent is a personal one. These are some ways to think about having a child and how to be environmentally conscious doing just that.

1. Conscious Family Planning - considering to have a smaller family or choosing alternative routes to parenthood, like adoption or fostering.

2. Sustainable Lifestyle Choices - embracing sustainable living practices like reducing waste, conserving energy, and using eco-friendly products.

3. Parents as Teachers - raising awareness about the climate crisis and promoting sustainable practices to your children, within your community and beyond.

4. Fostering Resilience - teaching your children about the challenges the world faces and the importance of resilience and adaptability and what role they can play.

5. Engaging with Politics - voting and participating in political and policy advocacy to demand stronger climate action from governments and corporations.


The climate crisis poses a genuine and pressing concern in deciding whether or not to have children. By embracing conscious family planning, sustainable living, advocacy, and education, there are ways to be a sustainable parent.

That said, ultimately, it is your choice whether or not to have children. The state of the climate is a valid concern and making the decision won’t be easy but it is one for you to make.


Will you raise the next Greta Thunberg, or do you prefer not to raise your own child at all? Where do you lie on this debate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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