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Plastic-free periods

Half of us get them, and they’re a bloody pain (pun intended).

Women spend 6.5 years of their lives, on their period – that’s a lot of time – AND generate a wheelie bin worth of waste every year!

But there’s no need to panic, there are plastic free period alternatives out there.

  1. The OrganiCup (Menstrual Cup)

I’m not ashamed to say that this little fella has changed my life for the better. I tell everyone about it, including one of my male best friends in every minute detail (sorry…)

It couldn’t be any easier. Your menstrual cup arrives, you wait for your first period, period arrives and you pop in it (by folding it in half and then twisting till the suction holes have done their thing). Then depending on your floooooooooowwww you can change it every four hours or – as I end up doing for the end of my cycle – leave it in all day! To change all you do is squeeze the bottom to pull it out, empty the contents into the loo, wash the cup and re-insert. Then when your period is all over, you boil the menstrual cup in water and it’s ready for next month!

Top best things about the OrganiCup:

  • It’s reusable again and again and again and again…
  • It saves so much money on tampons and towels!
  • You can’t even feel it (I actually forget it’s there) – super comfy!

You can check it out and get yourself an OrganiCup here.


  1. Grace and Green plastic free tampons & pads

For ladies who don’t want to get their hands dirty, you can use the environmentally friendly Grace and Green. With plastic free tampons and pads, which are both organic AND fully biodegradable, it turns them into an easy swap. 

Check out the full range of plastic free menstrual products available at LB4P here.

Menstrual cups and plastic-free tampons and pads, making the swap to a plastic-free period simple! 

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