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Recycled and Biodegradable Corporate Gift Ideas

Recycled and Biodegradable Corporate Gift Ideas

11 Incredible Recycled & Biodegradable Corporate Gifts To Gift Your Colleagues and Clients

Choosing gifts to give both colleagues and clients doesn’t have to be un-environmentally friendly. Make it simple by giving recycled and biodegradable corporate gifts

Are you trying to improve your company’s impact on the planet? Have your colleagues started thinking about the lifespan of the products they are buying? Recycled corporate gifts are one way to help your company make a difference. Recycled gifts keep materials in the circular economy by taking something old and repurposing it into something new. 

Likewise, biodegradable corporate gifts are better for the environment as these gift ideas won’t pollute the planet by degrading into the earth at their end of life.

Don’t fear, Life Before Plastic is here to help you fit in with your clients and colleagues' environmental outlook. We’ll suggest just the right gifts for every corporate occasion. Whether you’re looking for stationary, self care, tea and coffee, or relaxation gifts, we’ve got 11 incredible biodegradable and recyclable corporate gift ideas ready to share.


Range of recycled paper notebooks

1/11 Recycled Paper Notebooks

These paper notebooks are made from recycled paper and cardboard that otherwise would have gone to waste. Made by Vent For Change, these notebooks not only use recycled materials but also support children’s educational projects around the world as Vent For Change donate 10% of all their sales to Plan International.

The ideal recycled corporate gift to take notes or write to do lists. 

Price: £5.99 - £9.99


A bag of speciality coffee

2/11 Speciality Coffee

Not only is this coffee delicious but the founders of Alpaca Coffee have gone one step further by supporting local small estates in South America, and donating 1% of their profits to environmental causes through 1% For The Planet. The coffee itself comes packaged in fully compostable packaging under the OK compost HOME standard so you can sort your colleagues and clients with the eco-friendly fully biodegradable corporate gift. 

This is the one for all those who need caffeine to start their day.

Price: £9.99 - £10.99


A natural soy wax candle with a red apple

3/11 Natural Soy Wax Candles

Candles made using natural soy wax are the best solution for a great scented gift that is also biodegradable. These soy wax candles from Press Pause Candles, a Manchester brand, use recyclable glass and tin containers filled with hand poured soy wax. Soy wax is fully compostable and makes for a great biodegradable corporate gift for eco conscious employees.

Even better, these natural soy candles can be personalised with your company name, logo or personal message.

Price: £4.99 - £19.99


Yellow recycled blanket throw

4/11 Recycled Blanket Throw

For the colder months, these blanket throws made from recycled yarn will warm up any office chair. An example of reusing a material that is already in circulation, the recycled blanket throws use recycled materials to create a beautiful yellow and blue design. Made by Sass & Belle a company striving to develop long-lasting relationships with their suppliers to improve overall ethical standards. 

Choose these recycled gifts for all your corporate needs.

Price: £24.99


Three boxes of biodegradable tea bags

5/11 Biodegradable Tea Bags

With most tea bags glued together with plastic, these degradable tea bags from Brew Tea Co are made from cornstarch, a naturally compostable material. These teas are made using rolled whole leaves for a smooth and rich taste. Made by a certified B Corp, these teas are a great gift idea for those who care about their impact and for a good cuppa.

Match the tea bags with your corporate branding, by selecting from the classic English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey, or the herbal Moroccan Mint in brightly coloured packaging of yellow, purple and blue.

Price: £4.99


A bamboo cutlery set

6/11 Bamboo Cutlery Set

For all colleagues starting out on their sustainability journey, this lightweight bamboo cutlery set will ensure they are ready for anything. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, the set includes a spoon, knife and fork stored in a cotton pouch. As the set is made from bamboo, it is fully biodegradable when composted. 

Pick this handy cutlery set as your biodegradable corporate gift and colleagues will always be prepared. 

Price: £9.99


A variety of organic cotton socks

7/11 Organic Cotton Socks

A pair of socks that make a difference? These organic cotton socks are both recyclable and supportive whilst doing a good deed. For each pair of socks purchased, Jollie’s socks donate another pair to the homeless. Once no longer needed, they can be sent back to be recycled into valuable industrial textiles to be repurposed. Be socially and environmentally conscious with one gift.

Suitable for all, these organic cotton socks are available in a variety of sizes and designs. 

Price: £11.99


A stack of three natural seagrass bowls

8/11 Natural Seagrass Bowl

These handmade seagrass storage bowls have been handcrafted in Bangladesh using natural seagrass and upcycled saris. Each bowl is unique with its sari colours and handeaved pattern. These recycled materials together form a beautiful and unique bowl to show off in every household.

Give this unique recycled corporate gift and support makers from overseas.

Price: £13.99


Four types of natural handmade soaps

9/11 Natural Handmade Soap

Made in small batches, these award winning luxury soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients. Bramblewood Soap Co use ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter, ensuring that the soaps are biodegradable, chemical free and disappear completely after use. Embedded in each soap are decorative dried flowers and herbs that can be composted with garden or household waste. 

Every person will have a use for this luxurious corporate gift. 

Price: £5.99 - £29.99


Two sets of recycled pencils

10/11 Recycled Pencils

Ever wondered what happened to old CD cases? Some were turned into these pencils! This pack of three recycled pencils do not contain any wood at all as they are made using a combination of recycled polystyrene and a hard graphite core. Made by the environmental and social brand Vent For Change, these recycled pencils support education projects around the world by donating 10% of all of their profits. 

Do good for the planet and always have a pencil on hand.

Price: £4.99


Ethical chocolate with a yellow wrapper

11/11 Ethical Chocolate

You cannot go wrong with a bar of chocolate. These Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars do more than deliver a tasty treat. Tony’s is working at the forefront of eliminating modern slavery from cocoa farms by working directly with farmers to make chocolate 100% slave-free. Choose from a variety of delicious chocolate bars packaged with recyclable paper and aluminium foil and support their important work. 

Every colleague and client would love to find this in a gift box. 

Price: £3.99


Need more inspiration? Choose from a whole host of eco-friendly corporate gifting ideas and get in touch to talk about all things sustainable corporate gift boxes. 

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