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A Simple Way To Save Water And Money At Home With Control Flow

Control Flow water saving devices

Save Water, Money and Help the planet with innovation from Control Flow

Saving water is important for multiple reasons. By saving water at home, you can benefit both the environment and your wallet all at once. One easy way to do this is by installing innovative solutions like the water saving devices from Control Flow.

In this article, we’ll talk about how installing the devices from Control Flow helped us to save water and money at home.

Who are Control Flow?

Control Flow install water and energy saving devices that help people save on their energy and water bills. Control Flow devices work by giving you a smooth, regulated flow of water. This reduces your water wastage and the amount of fuel that your boiler needs to burn.

My Experience With Control Flow

We recently installed Control Flow to reduce the amount of water we were consuming. 

Our engineer Sean was beyond helpful. He fitted Control Flow devices to the hot and cold taps underneath our kitchen sink, in our bathroom and shower, all the while explaining exactly what he was doing and how it would reduce our bills.

The results were instantaneous! The flow cup measuring tool he used showed us how the water flow from the shower had decreased by 30%, but the water pressure looked and felt the same.

What’s even more impressive are the savings we made by installing Control Flow. We are saving on average 70.36 litres of water per day, this equates to an annual saving of £89.37 on our water bill and an annual saving of £244.81 our gas bill. That’s a total annual saving of £334.18.


Control Flow device fitted onto a tap

Why Should You Install Control Flow Devices? 

There are so many reasons to install a water saving device to your appliances. These are the highlights of adding a Control Flow device:

1. Save Money on Your Household Bills

You can save an average of £360 per year on your water and gas bills.

2. Affordable and Guaranteed

The devices are affordable at £195 for the products and the installation, plus they come with a 12-month money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

3. The Eco-Friendly Solution

Control Flow’s devices help to conserve both water and energy, helping to reduce your overall consumption of vital resources.

4. Energy Savings

Heating water can account for up to 35% of your energy bill. Control Flow’s devices improve the effectiveness of your boiler, helping you save money.

5. Backed by Warranty

The devices come with a 5-year warranty.

6. Hassle-free Installation

A qualified engineer assesses your house to find the most suitable Control Flow device to maximise your savings, with the process taking only around 45 minutes.


Saving water is a responsibility we all share. Luckily, by saving water and gas there are big financial benefits too. Control Flow devices have helped us reduce our water consumption and lower our household bills.

We’re glad to be able to contribute to a more sustainable future and save money while we do it. You can do the same with Control Flow.


This is a sponsored blog post - we only work with brands we believe in and all the thoughts are our own. 


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