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The Best Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands

Love the Planet eco-friendly eyeshadow

These eco-friendly makeup brands need to be on your radar

Wearing makeup is surprisingly wasteful - before long, you are surrounded by empty foundation tubes and mascara wands cluttering your drawers. Achieving a sustainable makeup look may feel impossible, but don’t give up hope just yet.

Thankfully, these brands are making it easier than ever to incorporate sustainability into your beauty routine, creating cosmetics that care. It’s time to ditch those plastic products and try some of these eco makeup brands.

Love the Planet

Are you looking for a plastic free way to correct your complexion? Love the Planet is our go-to for natural, eco-friendly makeup with a mineral base. They offer everything from powder foundations and concealers to dazzling eyeshadows and blushers, and their products are entirely free from palm oil and parabens.

Not only do their vegan mineral makeup products provide a flawless finish, but Love the Planet package all their sustainable makeup products in metal tins that can be repurposed for any trinkets. You’ll never need to travel with bulky eyeshadow palettes or messy foundation tubes again thanks to their ingenious selection of eco-friendly makeup products.


Zao makeup collection

Zao Makeup

If you are like us and use up cosmetics extremely quickly, only to be left with tons of nasty plastic packaging, look no further than Zao Makeup’s refillable, eco-friendly makeup products. The brand is striving to find plastic free solutions for your everyday routine while also using natural, non-toxic ingredients.

One innovative example is their refillable mascaras, which prove that we don’t need a new mascara wand at the end of every tube. They are packaged in a bamboo case with an inner plastic tube of mascara that can be recycled and replaced with one of their refills. It’s as simple as that!

If this sounds up your street, Zao Makeup also offers refillable compact powders, blushers, eyebrow powders, and liquid eyeliners, meaning there’s no limit to your waste-free makeup journey.

Bain & Savon

Say no more to scraping the insides of dried out mascaras or having empty tubes clutter your makeup bag. Instead, Bain & Savon have pioneered a plastic free alternative with their Mascara Cake.

The brand started as an artisan soap company but have since blossomed into creating full skincare and haircare ranges, with this mascara being just one of their exciting endeavours. All you need is an old mascara wand (give it a good wash before using) to apply this smooth, flake-free product to your lashes.

Feeling adventurous? Bain & Savon’s Mascara Cake can also be used as an eyeliner or eyebrow filler, so the sky's the limit with this eco makeup swap!


Are there any eco-friendly makeup brands we’ve missed from the list? Let us know in the comments.


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