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Our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Soap Bars

The best natural soap bars, shower blocks

Lather up with these luxurious natural soap bars

Last updated 7 September 2023

Soap bars aren’t always as sustainable as you may think. From their plastic packaging to the nasty chemicals inside them, they sometimes aren’t the best for your skin or the planet.

Don’t worry though, as we’ve compiled a list of our favourite natural soap bars that’ll make a massive difference to your skin.

Chocolate & Orange Soap Bar by Funky Soap Shop

My mouth is watering just from thinking about this natural soap – it’s simply divine! This plastic-free soap bar is suitable for all skin types, so no-one needs to miss out on its delicious smell and sumptuous feel.

This product is ideal for moisturising and conditioning, plus it also has anti-ageing properties to keep your skin looking fresh.

Marseille Soap Bar by Savonnerie du Midi

Nothing else can quite compete with the multipurpose properties of this soap bar – whether you want to wash your body, your dishes, or your laundry, it’s got you covered. See everything this natural soap bar can do.

This bestselling non-toxic bar is made from organic olive oil, making it kind to even the most sensitive of skin. If you’re packing for a staycation, this is an essential product to bring that’ll satisfy every need. 

Mint & Grapefruit Solid Shower Block by Shower Blocks

The ultimate soap bar that is actually more like solid shower gel: Shower blocks. The scents of these Shower Blocks bars are so beautiful and very strong, these bars are unique. The Mint & Grapefruit soap bar is our personal favourite, but there are so many different scents to choose from.

Deeply moisturising and handmade using 96% natural derived ingredients, they are well worth trying for your shower routine.

Fennel & Cardamom natural soap bar from UpCircle


Fennel & Cardamom Chai Soap Bar by UpCircle

With a gentle exfoliation, this soap bar is the clear winner for helping to cleanse your face. Made with green clay to draw toxins from your pores, the Fennel & Cardamom soap is effective at combating acne and breakouts.

Shea butter is the champion ingredient for creating smooth and supple skin, so you instantly know that you’re onto a winner with this eco-friendly soap.

Tough Hands Soap Bar by Planet Detox

Are none of our other choices quite cutting it for your hard-working hands? This product should hopefully be the soap of your dreams.

This antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal soap bar knows no limits, helping to remove grease, motor oil, nicotine, beetroot, paint – the list goes on!

If you’re a hands-on worker, this natural soap bar is a must for getting exfoliated and moisturised hands, plus it’s all-natural and handmade too.

So many soaps, so many to choose from! Hopefully, there’s something for you within this list so you can kickstart your eco-friendly skincare journey.

Want to find more eco-friendly skincare solutions? Browse our skincare collection, for products that are both environmentally friendly and kind to your skin.

Have we missed one of your favourite natural soap bars? Let us know in the comments.


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