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Top Plastic-Free Products for the Bathroom

Plastic-free deodorant that comes in a jar and is made of cream

Choosing the best plastic-free bathroom products

A guide to the easiest plastic-free alternatives in the bathroom

There are plenty of easy plastic-free swaps you can make to your bathroom, including dental care, haircare and much more. Here's our guide to the Top 10 plastic-free products that don't need too much thought.

Cotton Buds

Quit using the single-use plastic version of cotton buds, which don't biodegrade and harm wildlife, and use the an eco-friendly alternative. Bamboo cotton swabs can be used for applying makeup and removing it, drying the outside of your ears or cleaning cuts.


While many eco-friendly toothbrushes aren't 100% plastic-free products, switching to a bamboo toothbrush is much better for the environment. All you need to do is snap off the head when you are finished and put it in an eco brick.

Soap Bars

This shouldn't be a big change at all, as plastic-free soap bars have been in homes for decades. It's important to steer clear of plastic hand wash pumps, unless you're consciously going to refill and reuse the bottles. 


Forget about deodorant canisters that are covered with plastic and choose a natural deodorant, which is so much healthier for you. Plastic-free deodorants come in all shapes, scents and sizes, including sticks, creams and bars.


Who would have thought that mouthwash could come in tablet form? It's so easy to use and completely plastic-free. Just add a finger of water to a glass and drop the tablet in. Your mouthwash will be ready in minutes. Simple.

Toilet Roll

An eco-friendly bathroom wouldn't be complete without a supply of plastic-free toilet roll. Ditch toilet rolls that come wrapped in single-use plastic and choose an alternative that comes packaged in sustainable materials.


Certain plastic-free products are so easy to swap into your home, and the bathroom is one of the cheapest. Alternatives are accessible, quick to make and eco friendly. Take a look in your home and see what changes you can make today.

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