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Top 5 Best Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

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Eco-Friendly cleaning products that will change the way you clean

Since the pandemic, my house has been “Quarantine Clean,” it's almost obsessively spotless because I have time nearly every day to clean part of the house. 

All of this time spent at home has given us a lot of opportunity to reflect on our sustainable practices and how to maximise the positive impact that we have on the environment. We're here to share our favourite eco-friendly household cleaning products for anyone who may be in the beginning stages of their zero waste journey. These products have helped us transition into a fully plastic-free lifestyle that we want to share with you!

But why should you be using environmentally-friendly cleaning products over the conventionally produced and lower-cost alternatives? We all love a bargain, right?

Great question. This list of low-cost, plastic-free, and ethical cleaning products last longer than their counterparts and won’t put a dent in your wallet. 

Let’s start with our favourite:

1. Marseille Soap

This incredible soap has so many uses, and we love finding new ways to use it! This bar can be used to wash dishes, as laundry detergent, a bathroom cleaner, and even as a fabric softener (my favourite). If you want some great ideas on how to use marseille soap, check out our video on all its exciting uses. The marseille soap bar is a great way to cut down on plastic and save money by only purchasing a single multi-purpose item. 


2. Ocean Saving Cleaning Sachets

One of the issues with plastic spray bottles in that the spray lids are not recyclable. These cleaning sachets are the answer to reusing that same bottle over and over. Ocean Saver provides plastic-free refillable cleaning pods that you simply mix with water and clean away. You can save tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean by switching to a plastic-free and eco-friendly cleaning product. When you need more cleaning pods, you can purchase a new one for just £1.50!


3. Cleaning Powders 

Cleaning powders are an amazing alternative to liquid cleaning products because they use less water and have a much longer shelf life. This allows you to buy in bulk if necessary (so less plastic packaging) and also to create a custom dilution for whatever your cleaning need is. 


4. Steel Scourers 

The best plastic-free cleaning product! Unlike plastic sponges which need to be replaced often, these recyclable and compostable steel scourers actually get the grime off our pots and pans. Plus, they completely break down in a composted environment or a landfill and release no harmful chemicals during that process.


5. Castile soap

Like the marseille soap, Castile is another all-in-one and a personal favourite of mine. I have been using Castile soap for years as dish soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent. For anyone who uses the no-shampoo method for their hair, Castile soap is a great alternative and highly recommended because it is strong enough to remove oil and sebum from the hair, but still gentle enough not to strip the hair of important natural oil or dry out the scalp. 


A wonderful aspect of using ethical cleaning techniques is that you find products that have a huge variety of uses that you didn’t even realise. When you purchase a single, multi-purpose cleaning product, you save on plastic packaging that would have been used on other products and reduce your carbon emissions! Using eco-friendly cleaning products makes my home smell clean without the harsh chemical scent. 

Did we miss any of your favourite ethical cleaning products? Or are you excited to go out and purchase one that we’ve listed here? Share in the comments.

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