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The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Christmas

Sustainable Christmas tree

Everything you need to know about how to have a Sustainable Christmas

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Written by Charlie Gill

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also one of the most wasteful. From wrapping paper to leftover food, it’s incredible to see how one day can cause so much damage. But it's not all bad news, you're here to learn about how to make that day more sustainable. 

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about how to have a more sustainable Christmas from decorations and Christmas trees to festive food and gifts. 

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Plastic decorations contribute significantly to pollution and environmental degradation, taking centuries to decompose and often ending up in oceans, harming marine life. By choosing sustainable options crafted from materials like wood, glass, or recycled materials, you can reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. 

Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees

Should you get a real or fake tree and which is more sustainable? If you want to get a real tree there are a couple of options that are more sustainable. You could choose to rent a tree if you live in an area that supplies trees, or alternatively purchase a small tree that you can reuse every year. The best thing about that option is that you get to see your tree grow and it becomes part of the magic of Christmas.

If a real tree isn't for you, choose a reusable Christmas tree instead. With beautifully crafted reusable wooden trees available, there's no need to go with a plastic Christmas tree. 


Sustainable Advent Calendars

You know when Christmas is coming when the supermarkets start to fill with advent calendars. There's no need to rush to the shops when there are other more sustainable advent calendars available. Opt for an advent calendar that is plastic-free and contains ethical chocolate, or even better a reusable advent calendar that you can fill with your own chocolates and sweets and continue to use every year. 


Alternatives to Tinsel

There are now so many better options for decorations rather than resorting to tinsel. Tinsel alternatives like felt garlands are designed to be reused and won't leave any unwanted micro plastics lying around your house. 

Alternatively, why not unleash your inner creative side and make some handmade Christmas decorations this festive season like dried oranges, handmade wreaths or paper chain – you’ll might be surprised at how good they turn out!


Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping

Sustainable Gifts

Finding the right gift that's true to your morals and the recipient will use isn't always easy. We've found a safe bet is gifting a gift set or curated products they're sure to love.

Looking for that 'big present'? Try an eco-friendly bean bag, reusable barbecue or even a new bamboo bedding set.

A gift card is another great option to allow people to carefully select something that they’ll actually use, and there’s a massive variety of eco-friendly gifts on our site to choose from!

Secret Santa Gifts

It's not always easy buying for your Secret Santa, with a tight budget and not too many ideas! We've done the digging for you with these soy wax candles with a cheeky label, tote bags and more, all perfect for the occasion.

Stocking Fillers

You've got the main present sorted but you want to still get some other little pieces. The gifting rule of 5 is an excellent way to cover all bases: something they want, something they need, something useful, something to read and something to eat. 

Some of our favourite stocking fillers are ethical chocolate bars, soap bars, tea and coffee.

Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

Some of the best gifts are the ones we make ourselves. Couple that with food and you're on to a winner. Whether it's baking homemade biscuits or creating a hot chocolate mix, we've put together a collection of ideas of edible gifts you can make yourself at home. Psst if you following the 5-gift rule, a homemade gift will nicely complete the 'something to eat' gift!

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Wrapping your eco-Christmas gifts in non-sustainable packaging defeats the purpose.  We recommend using brown paper for a natural look that you can even decorate yourself with twine and some dried orange slices or dried flowers. Pair the wrapping with handmade gift tags made from scrap paper around the home, repurposing and creating a beautiful experience for the recipient. 

Ditch the plastic tape and switch to paper with unique Christmas designs that can be part of your wrapping! Or for the ultimate hack, gift a tea towel, scarf or sari wrap alongside your other gifts that can double up as the gift wrapping itself.  

Christmas Cards

Don't forget your Christmas cards. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to support independent artists by gifting their Christmas card designs in the post.

Some of our favourite artists include, Beth Clare, Kat Williams, and the cards from Arthouse.

Sustainable Christmas Food

For the most sustainable food at Christmas, find and cook locally sourced, vegetarian or vegan options to include in your Christmas dinner. Start by visiting your local markets to see what’s on offer – you’ll be amazed by the large selection of green goods to create home comfort foods with.

You can also get other festive treats like caramelised almonds, Christmas cake and Christmas biscuits from smaller businesses, helping to support the economy.


As we embark on the festive season, let this ultimate guide to a sustainable Christmas serve as a compass, guiding us toward mindful and eco-friendly celebrations. You no longer have to miss out on festive cheers in order to be sustainable. Make new traditions in your family, create your own decorations and delicious treats and you'll be sure to enjoy the season. 

Having a sustainable Christmas couldn't be easier.

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