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Ultimate Tips for Plastic-Free Gift Wrapping

The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Free Gift Wrapping 

Follow these simple tips for a plastic-free gift wrapping season. 

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, we've switched to not only gifting zero waste presents, but wrapping them the eco way too. There are some super simple swaps you can make to revolutionise the way you look at present wrapping, without compromising on ascetics. Read on to find out just how to go plastic free when gift wrapping.


Paper Tape - Life Before Plastic


Sari Wraps

These sari wraps are incredibly beautiful. Each wrap is unique, handmade in Nepal from recycled sari fabric. While used to wrap gifts, in some ways they are a gift themselves! Simply tie the sari around the present and into a bow. They can be repurposed again and again, and your recipient can pass the wrap on as a gift themselves. This is our favourite for plastic-free gift wrapping - much better than plastic coated paper.


Such a simple swap, twine can be used both as a decorative item or to save on paper tape, by keeping brown paper wrapped up. The twine we stock is locally made in Greater Manchester and is made from a natural cotton so is biodegradable. Say goodbye to plastic ribbons, twine is the perfect alternative.

Paper Tape

The easiest way to reduce your waste is to switch to paper tape. Made from recycled paper, paper tape is a straight switch from Sellotape. The adhesive is rubber based and it is entirely recyclable so when unwrapping you don't need to worry about putting both the paper and paper tape in the recycling together. Even better, you can tare the tape with your fingers so no need to look for scissors. 


Gift Tags - Life Before Plastic


Gift Tags

Gift tags are such a lovely addition to any parcel, particularly when the gift is wrapped plastic free. The tags we stock are printed on recycled paper with eco friendly soy-based ink. They've been designed by Beth Clare MC a Manchester-based illustrator so you can support the environment and the local economy with one purchase.

Plastic Free Cards

Christmas wouldn't be complete without Christmas cards. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, it's best to pick cards sold plastic-free and printed on recycled paper. Our favourites this festive season have been sourced from UK illustrators unique to Life Before Plastic. 


Christmas Cards - Life Before Plastic



Plastic-free gift wrapping is the way of the future. We hope we've inspired you to wrap beautiful parcels the eco friendly way, to pass on your wrapping materials, and make conscious choices when wrapping as well as when gifting. 

Have you used any of these gift wrapping ideas? Let us know in the comments below. 


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  • Gift wrapping is an artful and thoughtful practice that adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to any gift-giving occasion. It involves carefully enveloping a present in decorative paper and embellishments, transforming a simple item into a visually stunning and cherished token. The act of gift wrapping goes beyond mere aesthetics; it conveys a sense of care, consideration, and personal touch that can make the recipient feel truly special.


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