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Why You Should Be Using Plastic-Free Lip Balms

A natural lip balm will ensure that your lips stay moisturised and nourished without any nasty chemicals in sight.

A lip balm is a handbag essential all year round, whether you’re soothing chapped lips from the winter cold or protecting them from the blazing summer sun. There are numerous types of organic lip balm available, so there should be something for everyone.

We sell stick lip balms that come in paperboard tube packaging, as well as solid balms that are housed in glass jars or tin packaging to swirl your finger in. All of these plastic-free lip balm options are incredibly portable and easy to use.

The main benefit of using a natural lip balm is that it’ll intensely moisturise your lips, keeping them feeling soft and comfortable without relying on harmful chemicals to achieve this. Conventional lip balms use ingredients like phenol and salicylic acid which actually dry out your lips over time, whereas organic alternatives use natural butters and oils known for their healing properties to keep your lips protected.

Using a natural lip balm won’t only keep your lips feeling soft, but it’ll also help any lipstick last for longer and look smoother, especially on dry or flaky lips.

Organic lip balms also replace the beeswax from typical lip balms with candelilla wax, which is an ultra-conditioning alternative that is known for its soothing properties.

Not only are plastic-free lip balms better for the environment due to no waste packaging, but their eco ingredients are equally beneficial. Many conventional lip balms are petroleum-based, which involves drilling into the earth, or use synthetic products with damaging by-products, which are harmful to the earth.

Natural lip balms completely dodge all of these harmful ingredients, ensuring that they protect the planet as much as they do for your lips.

Once you’re finished with the product inside, these plastic-free lip balms can be completely recycled or reused to minimise waste.

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