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A Guide for How to Dispose of a Bamboo Toothbrush

 How to dispose of your bamboo toothbrush the eco-friendly way

Plastic toothbrushes are an incredibly polluting products with over a billion plastic toothbrushes thrown away yearly worldwide. Making the switch to an eco-friendly toothbrush is one easy way to lesson your impact.

Many eco toothbrushes are made from bamboo, a fast growing and sustainable plant. However, bamboo toothbrushes also need to be disposed of after use. Watch the video guide above to learn just how to dispose of your bamboo toothbrush in the eco-friendliest way possible. 


How do you dispose of a bamboo toothbrush?

As bamboo is a natural product and will decompose, the bamboo handle of your toothbrush can be composted. Follow these steps when disposing of your toothbrush.


Step 1 - Once you've finished using your eco-friendly toothbrush to clean your teeth, remember that they are great tools for cleaning hard to reach areas. Before disposing of it completely, always reuse it first.


Step 2 - Your bamboo toothbrush really is at the end of it's life then it's time to take out the bristles. The bristles are made from a different material, this can be nylon and castor bean oil or another plant-based material. 

To remove these bristles, the easiest thing to do is to cut off the head of the bamboo toothbrush. If you prefer you can pull out the individual bristles but be sure none of them escape down the drain.

The bristles can be recycled in certain councils. The best thing to do is to add them to a plastic container that is being recycled already (or ask a neighbour if you don't have any plastic recycling!). If your council do not recycle these, then the best option is to either put the bristles into your general waste, or why not start or add them to your EcoBrick.


Step 3 - The bamboo handle is a natural material and can be composted. Pop this in your local councils garden or food waste bin, or add it to the compost in your garden. If you don't have either of these options, you can even bury in and it will complete degrade!


Can a bamboo toothbrush be recycled?

The bamboo toothbrush handle is not recyclable as it is fully compostable instead! The bamboo handle will break down completely. The bristles can be recycled in certain councils areas alongside plastic packaging recycling.


How long does it take for a bamboo toothbrush to decompose?

Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes take around 3-4 months to decompose, hardly anything when you compare to their plastic toothbrush counterparts.


Now you know how to dispose of them, choose from our range of eco-friendly toothbrushes.



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