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Baking With Bottled Baking Co

How to use the cake mixes from Bottled Baking Co 

Watch us baking vegan chocolate & walnut brownies using the brownie mix from Bottle Baking co.

The benefits of using a bottled baking cake mix:

  • Simple recipes, perfect for all ages
  • All the dry ingredients are measured out
  • Just add water, oil, eggs or butter as per the instructions
  • Packaged in a recyclable glass jar, a great size for repurposing at a refill store
  • Delicious different bakes to try 
  • Lovely gift idea

Packaged in a glass jar, this cake mix is both delicious and incredibly easy to make. For this vegan brownie recipe you only need to add vegetable oil and water.

An excellent gift for children and adults alike, try one of the tasty baking mixes from Bottled Baking co.


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