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How to use Beauty Kubes (Now Hedgerow and Moor)

A Video Guide for How To Use Beauty Kubes (now known as Hedgerow and Moor) Eco-Friendly Shampoo

Hedgerow and Moor are a plastic-free shampoo alternative perfect when first making the swap to an eco-friendly haircare routine.

Hedgerow and Moor do not have a transitioning period, unlike many shampoo bars, and we really recommend them for newbies to the plastic-free movement.

How do you use Beauty Kubes / Hedgerow and Moor?

To wash your hair with a Beauty Kube, crumble the cube into a powder in your hand and mix with a bit of water. Once you've mixed it with water, it will form a paste. Focus on applying this paste to your roots and work your way down to the ends of your hair.

Make sure you wet your hair before applying to aid with the application. My hair is long and thick so I tend to use two cubes, but start with one and see how you get on. 

Beauty Kubes also come in an eco-friendly conditioner. This cube can be used in the same way, but this time focus on the length and ends of your hair. 

Take a look at the Beauty Kubes eco-friendly haircare selection for more information. 



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