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A Video Guide to Using Beeswax Food Wraps

How to Use Beeswax Food Wraps

An excellent alternative to plastic clingfilm are beeswax food wraps. Made from fabric covered in wax, they are easy to bend into shape over various containers to keep your food fresher for longer and cut down on food waste. They are also a reusable item and can be washed and remoulded over and over again.

Watch our video guide above on how to use beeswax wraps to find out more and watch them in use.

How do you use beeswax food wraps?

Using the heat from your hands to soften the wax, mould the beeswax wrap around a container, bowl or food item. The wax will stick in place once it cools to keep the food fresh. 

How do you wash beeswax food wraps?

To clean a beeswax wrap, wash it with cool soapy water. Avoid using hot water as this will wash the wax from the fabric and will render it unusable. Hang these to dry and their ready to use again.

Choose from our selection of beebee wraps wax food wraps, both beeswax wrap or their vegan alternative. 

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