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How to Apply Plastic-Free Lipstick

A guide to applying plastic-free lipstick

We've fallen in love with the plastic-free lipstick from Beauty Made Easy as we don't believe there is anything else quite like it on the market. With packaging made from paper and a biodegradable stopper, you can dispose of it without any fear you're putting the environment at risk.

Traditionally lipstick comes in a plastic tube, with different colours and types of plastic, it's almost impossible to recycle. This plastic free lipstick comes wrapped in paper with a cardboard lid.

To apply the lipstick, you simply put on as normal. Once you've run out of lipstick, unravel the top layer by pulling down on the string to reveal the next layer of lipstick. Continue until it's finished and you'll be left with no waste!

Watch Charlie demonstrate in our video guide below to see exactly how the lipstick is unravelled.

Choose from an assortment of different shades for an eco-friendly lipstick for every occasion. 

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