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How to make homemade plastic free Playdough

How to cure social distancing with kids - make your own playdough at home!

Have you got kids and are looking for a way to entertain them through social distancing? We’ve pulled this video guide on making homemade plastic free playdough straight out of our childhood...

Not only is it a plastic free recipe, but you can reuse the playdough multiple times.

So what do you need:

*4 tbsp flour
*1 tbsp salt
*1 tbsp oil
*25ml water
(Add more or less as you want to make different colours)

*Mix flour salt and colour powder together
*Add oil and water until firm
*Mix in your hands and add flour as you need
*Endless fun!

For the colouring you can use all sorts of plastic free alternatives. In this video I demonstrate with:
Yellow = Turmeric
Brown = Cocoa powder
Orange = Chilli powder
If you’ve also got the following in your cupboards/fridge you can make:
Green = Spinach/Leafy greens
Purple = Blue berries
Red = Beetroot

Once done, you can store your homemade playdough in Beeswax wraps or an airtight container for about 2 weeks. This the perfect eco friendly way to keep your kids occupied!

Don’t miss my designs at the end of the video. I just really hope that you guys are more creative than me... 🙄

Tag us with your plastic free playdough creations @lifebeforeplastik


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