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How to use a Safety Razor

Watch our video guide to using a plastic-free Safety Razor

Switching to a safety razor does not have to be daunting. Safety razors are not only reusable - a big plus! - but they also provide you with a smooth shave and dramatically reduce your waste.

When your safety razor arrives, it will come with a pack of blades to be inserted into the razor. To do this, you simply unscrew the handle and place the blade between the two metal lids. Our top tip is to double check you have these two lids the correct way round, as otherwise the blade will be blunt.

We recommend shaving with a shaving soap bar, by lathering between your hands and then to your skin. We always follow a shave with a moisturiser. 

It's best to replace your blade every month to ensure a clean and sharp shave. You can recycle these in a blade tin or pop them in a tin and label them as razor blades for your local recycling centre. 

For a step-to-step guide for how to use a safety razor, including inserting the blades, what Charlie's video guide below. 

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