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How to use Castile Soap

A video guide to using Castile Soap

Looking for an eco-friendly cleaning product that has multiple uses? Look no further than Castile soap. Castile soap is made from vegetable oils so it is vegan-friendly, and it is scented with fresh lemon and lime essential oils.

With so many cleaning uses, yet still eco-friendly, it's not hard to see why this is one of our favourite cleaning products. You can purchase Castile soap here. 


What can you use Castile soap for?

Castile soap has so many different cleaning uses, everything from dish soap to a sinus clearer. 

Here are some of our favourite uses:

  • Dish soap 

To use Castile soap to clean your dishes, simply add the liquid to a washing up brush or non-sponge. Your dishes will smell of fresh lemon and lime.

  • Laundry detergent

Add to your laundry load for a natural laundry detergent that cleans effectively without the nasty chemicals.

  • Cleaning solution

Use Castile soap to clean in an eco-friendly way, simply mix with a small amount of water and wipe on surfaces. 

  • Toilet cleaner

An effective natural cleaning solution, pour a small amount of Castile soap into your toilet basin and scrub with a toilet brush.

  • Tough grime cleaner

You can pour a small amount of Castile soap onto those tough to clean areas and leave for 15 minutes before scrubbing to remove that grime.

  • Floor cleaner

Add a few units to hot water and use to clean your floors. As the solution is eco-friendly there is no need to worry about pets when using Castile soap. 

  • Face wash

The soap is very gentle on your skin so you can use a few drops mixed with some water to gentling clean your face.

  • Shampoo

Perfect for those with sensitive scalp, Castile soap can even be used as a plastic-free shampoo.

  • Plant spray

For a natural way to remove any pesky insects from your plants, mix a small amount with water and spray over your plants to protect them.

  • Sinus clearer

If you have any trouble breathing, Castile soap can be a great natural remedy by adding a few drops to hot water and breathing in the steam. 


Note that Castile soap shouldn't be mixed with vinegar or lemon juice. This is in order for it to keep it's cleaning properties. The soap is best used diluted with water or with baking soda for tough grime. 


Take a look at Castile soap and all our eco-friendly cleaning products.



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  • Quite an informative read on how to go about using a castile soap.. Good pointers!

    MapleX Naturals

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