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Video Review of Wildflower Bee Bombs

A guide to wildflower bee bombs 


Watch our video review of the native wildflower bee bombs where we discuss the benefits and show you exactly what each pack of bee bombs contains.

These seed balls are ideal for both bees and other insect, by providing a natural habitat for them to thrive within. For more information on why we should be protecting bees, read all about things you didn't know about bees

The seeds balls themselves are simple to use, you place them on top of some soil before waters and wait for your wildflowers appear.

We find them a great option for an eco-friendly gift, and are a lovely family activity for children and adults alike.

All the seeds contained in the seed balls are native to the UK and on the Royal Horticultural Society's 'Perfect for Pollinators' list. 

For more information on this eco-friendly product, take a look at the wildflower bee bomb listing. 


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