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How to use Soapnuts Laundry Detergent

To use Soapnuts, you can either pop them straight into the wash or make your own laundry liquid.


Before use, activate your Soapnuts by placing 5-6 shells into the muslin bag and into hot water for a few minutes.

Next, add 15 drops of your favourite essential oil to give your clothes the scent.

Add the muslin bag with the nuts straight into the washing machine drum.

Top tip: if your clothes have stains, add 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda to the powder drawer.

Wash at 40 degrees + for the best results.


Put 8 Soapnut shells into 1 litre of water and boil for 10 minutes. For each load of laundry add 1 cup of liquid.

You can add essential oils again for a nice scent.

Store the liquid & used Soapnuts in the fridge for it to last for longer.

You can reuse the Soapnuts for 4 washes - and for 4 times making the laundry liquid.

The laundry liquid can also be used as:

  • A CLEANING SOLUTION - add 400ml of Soapnuts liquid to 100ml vinegar. 
  • A NATURAL PESTICIDE - spray directly onto your plants or pop used shells outside in your garden to scare away slugs and snails.
  • PET SHAMPOO - Blend your used Soapnuts (5-8) with 500ml water. This will foam and you can use as a natural protection against fleas.

Watch the video guide below and try Soapnuts Laundry Detergent for yourself.

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