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What are ecobricks

Ecobricks are a solution to what to do with your single-use plastic waste. We are very much pro finding plastic-free solutions but sometimes it's unavoidable. So what can you do instead of throwing it in the general waste? You can build ecobricks! 

At LB4P, we've been building since the beginning of 2018. What that means is collecting all single use plastic and popping it into a plastic bottle. Really stuffing it full until nothing else can go in. It should feel firm to touch and quite heavy. 

There are guidelines in place to what weight you should be aiming for based on the volume of the bottle. They can be found here

What do you do with ecobricks?

Ecobricks are used as a building bricks all around the world. They are collected for projects here in the UK as well as globally. Once you've build a few and if you aren't planning a craft project yourself, then you can find your nearest drop off location by joining the Facebook community or visiting the official website.

For more information visit the official ecobrick website. We've been building these since January 2018 and haven't looked back. In our local area our general waste bin gets emptied every 3 weeks and these days we hardly have anything in it at all. 

For more info on the perfect ecobrick watch Charlie chat about them below and check out this blog.


Official website

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